Dinner in Disguise

. . . when your kid spends at least 20 minutes picking the red onions out of his stir-fry, all the while eating mushrooms (which he Hates) because he doesn’t realize they aren’t chicken!



Some Lovely Little Things


A handful of randomness, things that make our days just simply Nice…

P1100975Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters and Left Over Coconut Icing make breakfast really really fun and delicious. These things are important when dealing with the ups and downs of life!


Spending one’s birthday money on a one’s first pet fish is a major life win. Welcome Luke SeaWater

P1110688 P1110678

Having an eye for the pretty things brings colour to our lives. And this is essential for a happy soul.

Escape as able

P1110700 P1110705

Being aware of the vastness around us, and also being open to the effects this might be having on us… also a good idea 😀

P1110559 P1110560

Shoo Bugs Or Shoe Bugs, That Is The Question!

At some point while we were spending our days camped out beside the pool, some nasty unwelcome critters decided to camp out in my kitchen. And then their cousins moved into my computer. What is it with bugs?! Of the viral sort and the ugly unwelcome sort? Uninvited but also apparently not posting enough No Bugs Allowed signs…

So if I seem a bit scattered and absent this past few weeks, it is because between the PineSol and the SpyWare, the Shooing and the Shoeing (attack of the mad mother and her slipper…), I’ve been on a mission.

Mission Successful. Although, now I have a massive headache (aren’t all humans allergic to concentrated pine?) and am using an internet browser I am not comfortable with. But my eyes are open and the guards are up. Because let’s be honest here, they will just move next door, and when they are chased away, they will try to come back!

Upside, if there is one, nothing like clearing out the cupboards and desktop folders to inspire a clean sweep and declutter!


We are of the sensitive folk. And so will take things seriously. Will vibrate with the feels. And we will need a bit of extra care and cozying to cheer us back up.

I bet if anyone came into our home right now they would feel the empathy zinging!

What Makes Your Garden Grow?

Someone remarkably wise and wonderful told me something the other day that I want to share. It is a wisdom passed on to her, to be passed on to others, so while I might be paraphrasing, I don’t believe I am plagiarizing.

Here it is. To have a garden we have to first deal with the shit. Literally. For a ripe garden to grow to fruition, we first have to mix in the manure. Have the crap dumped, and mix that stuff in with the soil. For a garden to grow, there needs to be a rich foundation of crap! And that stuff will be ripe in its own way. It will smell. Bad. It will be our shit, and we won’t like it. But. It is necessary. And, the smell will fade. The seeds will be planted, the sprouts will appear. (Sometimes squirrels might run off with our sprouts and seeds, but we can chase those creeps off! We can scatter the buggers!) At some point when we are starting to notice the strong plants reaching for the sunlight, we will also notice that we haven’t been noticing the smell, the shit! It will fade as the garden blossoms. And one day we will be surrounded with the fruits of the shit, and of our labour, and we will be ok.

The day she told me this, was the perfect day for me to hear this. When I got home from our meeting, I had to deal with some shit. Not actual, but shit that I was grateful I had a metaphor to symbolize with. Because as I was dealing with said shit, I could then tell myself over and over that this was just the shit before the sunshine fed sunflowers. I am still telling myself this, and it helps!

So remember, when there is shit, and oh there will be, it is just part of the juice that will bring about the garden of your dreams! And it will fade until all you have around you are the hard earned fruits of your labour.

And those, my dears, smell great.

Unless what you are growing is more manure…in which case I suppose you are doing fine as well. But I would rather think about sunflowers.

Camped Out

Perhaps it is the nagging feeling that as his mother I can do best. But my heart aches right now. My boy came home from camp sullen and quiet. Where I was expecting joys and never ending chatter about all the good times, instead he is withdrawn and sad. Clinging to me.

In amongst the over tired sadness that is exuding from his little being, there are tales of fun. Games played, skits watched, friends made. But it was not the life changing experience I imagined or hoped for him. Maybe it just wasn’t the right place for him. Maybe it was too soon, 8 too young, in his case. Maybe he is just really really tired, and was really really home sick. Maybe tomorrow he will be full of stories. Maybe this is just our personalities, dreamers, but attached home bodies.  Maybe this is a fault of mine?! Maybe I am now being as dramatic as he is inclined to be at times. He learned from the best …   …   …

Right now we are both just glad to be in the same space, and I know I am going to be holding him tighter for a while. And maybe this is why the week apart was a good thing. Some space and time. Which perhaps we both needed. Admit it or not.

I know him. I know that when he is worn out, he is apt to dwell on the negative. And so I will keep drawing out the good memories. And we will talk about the rest some more. I will show him I respect his thoughts and feelings. I will listen. Tonight we re-ignite the routines that are apparently dear to him. And treasure each other. This is the gift of life, isn’t it?! To treasure those we love! And to try to help them grow, alongside us if possible, and in the right gardens.

We have time left in the summer to make more memories. And to learn from this time apart, together. And to get into some serious cheering up time!

Pancakes with icing for breakfast?! I say Yes!


When The Kids Away, The Mumma Does Play

Day 2.5 Mother Alone and Still Intact…

Today is FUNDAY!

“There are coffee grounds in the bath tub, beer in glass, home fries in the oven and mushrooms and onion on the stove! The more reasonable/friendly of the options for Party Mama!”P1100653 P1100655

Day beers on the balcony, and while dicing veggies to saute to have on my home fries! This is what I get up to when I am left alone for a few days! Eatin things the kiddo won’t eat, drinkin the beers I don’t drink around him!

Hey nothing wrong with that, right?!

Today is FunDay! Adulting can be gotten back to tomorrow! ”

As for the coffee grounds in the bathtub, that was all about Mummy Play. Self Care. Creativity and a good use for used coffee grounds. Specifically, a body scrub made of old plain eastern indian yogurt brand and yesterdays coffee grounds. Yum! Skin is happy! Bathtub needs cleaning… No pictures, sorry!