Cool In The Pool

When the list of Things To Do is too long, and The Possibilities are enough to make your head spin, I suggest tossing towels over it all and heading to the nearest water source.

I'd rather chase giant beach balls than mops!
I’d rather chase giant beach balls than mops!

Which in our case happens to be a pool on our lot. And if we are wise and make it there in the first hour or so that it is open, the only action in the pool is the lifeguards cleaning it. So we can help by swimming around picking out leaves and moths…

Makin splashes is way more fun than watching Mum wash dishes!
Makin splashes is way more fun than watching Mum wash dishes!
Feet up on the ball, better than being on the ball of housework!
Feet up on the ball, better than being on the ball of housework!

I know I’d rather be cool by the pool than sweating it out doing chores! Although now it is Friday and I have managed to avoid the housework for most of the week, and not only do I work this weekend but have a birthday party to host on Sunday. So out come the cleaning products, in goes the laundry and I face the floors.

Don’t worry though, I’ve promised us that if we get our chores done, or simply can’t do it anymore, the pool will be there for us this afternoon. And might even be clean by the time we get there!

Go where the cool kids are! Or at least where the cooled down kids are! There will be plenty of freezing cold days of winter to spend warming ourselves with housekeeping!

We can always stay cool, in the pool! (Especially when doing our impressions of our favourite movie scenes. Can you guess what this is from?)
We can always stay cool, in the pool! (Especially when doing our impressions of our favourite movie scenes. Can you guess what this is from?)

Battle of the Hair

When you are hugging your son and you notice little black specs stuck to the roots of his hair so you freak out douse his head with vinegar and teatree and order him into the bath tub, strip the beds and go crazy on your own hair,

and later wonder if perhaps they aren’t just residue from the black felt hat he has been wearing this week or the fact that instead of showers he has mostly just been swimming…

But now you are all fresh haired and combed through and still feeling like mother of the year, even though now more than ever you are desperate for a holiday from It All…

Keep On Keepin On…

Dream Weddings

Ever find yourself obsessing over wedding dresses because that one person you might realistically visualize actually marrying because even though you haven’t seen them in over a decade, you still feel like you have wicked hot chemistry and are destined to mix and mingle again one day, has popped up on your facebook chat a couple of times?

And then after they stop responding to your texts, you realize that you are most likely living in a fantasy world, but now the song you have been listening to non stop and envisioned dancing to at your fantasy future wedding is now “Your” song…?

It’s ok you guys, because if you are super lucky like me, you have a friend who has a cousin looking for a wife, in all reality so that he can move and become a citizen of your country, and for half a millisecond you actually catch yourself phewing because at least you know what dress you can wear!? #pinterestobsessedfantasybride

Funny Times

My son’s friend came out of the bathroom saying “I saw something weird in there!” and I was thinking o gawd the underwear I’ve tossed in the tub to wash later… and it was actually the books 😀

So that’s a relief…

LIfe Begins Again

A year ago I was staring at empty cupboards, and donation bins. A year ago I was silently preparing us for great big life changes. Starting to say good bye. A year ago I was getting ready to wrench us free from a life that was stifled, fearful and lonely, as much as it was full of friendship and home roots.

Tonight I am making lists again. But this time they are party lists. Because we have much to celebrate, and I am going to show my son just how much we do have going for us right now! So much love, care, family, friends! New friendships that mean so much to us both.

We went for  a walk tonight, and talked about our new home. New vs Old. We miss many faces. We miss the lake we used to look upon. But we love our new people. We love our family. And we love our new home. Our school. Our neighbourhood. We can miss even if we can’t wish. But we can also appreciate the good around us. What we have earned, worked for and rewarded ourselves with.

So lets party! He turns 8 in just over 2 weeks. And I have some serious planning to do. Planning to celebrate. And to enjoy life! And plan simpler cakes!

The Legendary Dick Rodan


This here is my brother’s band, Dick Rodan, and they are having a cd release party at Lees Palace in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) on the 19th. I am so darn proud of them and broken up that I can’t be there. Dangit!

DSC_0097So can anyone who happens to read these words do me a favour, purty please?!

Check out these guys…

They are also on spotify, you can get a preview of their sound there. And on itunes if you want to spend a couple of bucks to support some good old Canadian guitar slingers!

So, for me? Say Farewell to Sober, and get down with Dick Rodan!

Chillin Veggie Style

In 1998, I became a vegetarian. In 2006, I became a pregnant woman and meat eater. These days, I don’t eat meat every day by any means, but it is still part of our diet. Today I made vegetarian chili with nongmo’d soy based veggie round ground, for the first time in a helluva long time.

I stopped eating meat shortly after our Mum died. To honour her life, and because I just couldn’t anymore. There were a couple of years where I ate some sea food, but that was a rare occurrence. I simply couldn’t stomach it. Over the years I developed an intolerance to dairy. So I cut that out too. I ate aLot of eggs, but for a good decade, I mostly survived on beer, fries and chickpea curries.

Then along came life. The minute I got pregnant I started craving turkey and pork. So I gave that to my body and he who grew within. At some point in his small life, I cut out pork, aside from bacon when he was of an age to fall in love with it. Anyone who knows me, knows how terrified I am of dealing with raw chicken, so if I do make us chicken, it is usually drumsticks in the oven. Aside from burgers and home made meatballs, he is not a fan of ground beef. In the years living up north, I would never say no to offerings of local or game meats. But I don’t fill our freezer with meats anymore. I have used either ground pork or ground turkey in our tacos, and even pork was out a while ago, after a bout of stomach flu or something that left me unable to stomach that. Recently I bought some frozen burgers and had a sick stomach thing that went on for days. (My son was fine, so who knows if it was the meat, but I’m off the burgers now too.) We still do ham sometimes. I mother a skinny little 8 year old boy! I am not going to cut out that which he will eat multiple servings of.  But, meat is expensive! Good, trustworthy, organic on occasion, friendly meat, it sure is pricy! And I don’t mind spending my thin dollars on meat and good healthy food when I need to…

But, right now he is on his 2nd very large serving of vegetarian chilli, and I am inspired! Lately I am more inclined to buy kosher (they are what is offered at our local store, and delicious!) veggie meatless patties for burgers and fake chicken burgers. Although I can’t see us giving up our fish patties or sticks anytime soon, I’d rather spend 5 bucks on a package of veggie alternative than 10 bucks on something dead and shrink wrapped! I hear a train a commin and I think it’s on a vegetarian track again! Slow train mind you. Maybe just meatLess if not free. Also, it is summer, and money is scarce. So I think we would rather eat a bowl of chick pea soup than a stew anyway! Stay tuned.

PS Tossed together veggie chilli recipe as follows;

Very large can of chunky stewing tomatoes, and 2 of that again of water in your best stewing pot. (if you had any onions or garlic on hand, saute them first…) While bringing to boil, chop whatever veggies are in the bin; today I used 4 halves of celery stalks, a handful of broccoli, and half a zucchini. Once boiling I added the  a hefty squirt of ketchup, a sizeable teaspoon of garlic powder, and half that of chilli powder of the mild sort, (kid friendly…) and then stirred in the entire package of round ground. Then I rinsed and put in one can of mixed beans (kind used for bean salads…) and a can of kidney beans. Then I put in a cup of frozen corn (what I had on hand although I really wish I had some baby corns…). I waited to put the round ground in until it was boiling, because it doesn’t need to be browned. If I was making tacos I would have done it sooner, but I like how it soaks in with the tomato juices but doesn’t get lost in it all if you add it later. Then I put the lovely tight lid on and ignored it for a while. (On medium heat) Put some rice on, stirred the chilli here and there. Meant to grate cheese to put on top to convince son to eat. Forgot. Gave son 2 helpings and he was ‘thinking’ about having some more! YUM!

I’d estimate that the entire batch might have cost 9 or 10 bucks, (but I had the canned goods given me when friends were going on holiday and clearing out their cupboards, so it cost even less this time…) and that amounted to 3 large servings already eaten, and 4 large yogurt containers full waiting to go in the fridge and freezer. If I had used meat, would have been a bit more. Anyway it wasn’t about the cost as much as the flavour and health factors. I think we are fans enough to try round ground in our soft tacos next time. And I seem to remember making nachos with round ground back in my Meat Free days!

Long live the deliciousness!