stitch in mine

It has once again been a while since I sat down to share my particular brand of wit and wisdom with the muses. (I don’t think I can say masses just now.) And there are of course any number of reasons. The first and foremost being that I can only write so many times on the charms and thrills of Domestic Goddessery and Bitchen Stitchen before I am repeating myself. And also because those very things have kept me too busy, drained, occupied and or distracted to sit down and write anything…

Then again, what else have I to write about?! So without further long winded ado…  this week in Domestic Goddessery, the not so great battle of the laundry bin vs the floor… I wonder there is some method in practice that involves all of the pajamas that have only been worn once ending up directly In the laundry bin, but the clothes that are super gross end up in a well defined force field approximately 9 inches from and around the bin without ever actually touching it until mum tells you it is laundry day or you have no pajamas left in the drawer, at which of either point you move all your laundry into the bin to hide the fact that you put all your clean jammies in there all week… ?!?!?! of course, I Could suggest you take jammies out of the bin instead of the drawer at night, but that would trigger my germaphobia, and I don’t want to start suggesting you break your routine, for fear of a flare up of your special brand of fit. So ya for sure fine wear those basket ball shorts to bed since it is too cold now to wear them to school and you have nothing left in your pj drawer except those perfectly good bottoms which apparently clash with your mood today. And while we are on the subject of things we don’t wear to school, why is it a war of the drama queens if I even dare to suggest you take off those trackpants and put under wear on first? NO NO Don’t throw Those into the laundry! You are going to put them back on! YEESH!

ok well now I’m spent! I’ll be back to brag about bitchen stitchen in a bit. it is time to decide if I want to get jacked on coffee or cozy with tea!