Making the Least and Most of Me Time

There are coffee grounds in the bathtub, salsa in the bowls and I just got back from a spur of the moment but hoped for hike and read in the park. Know what this means? Mama Time!

Kiddo has been at camp since Monday. The silence has been golden, let me tell you! But I miss his face so much sometimes that I have to go stand in his bedroom and fight tears. So he can come home now please!

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been a’weepin the entire time. It took some adjustment, oh about 24 hours, to get used being on my own for so long, and stress free to boot! Such luxury! But I have been mostly making the most of my free and alone time.
It is funny that I have had to talk myself into relaxing. Justifying lazing about watching tv on a day off! Before he went away, I made a list, or rather a collage, of things I wanted to do with my time. Focusing on that helped me stave off the anxiety of not being able to be there with him! Letting go and growing up is hard to do for me too, you know!

And now the week is coming to a close. Tomorrow afternoon I get to pick him up from camp and bring him home! I am alive with the anticipation of hearing all about his adventures, which I am sure I will, the entire ride home! Oh how much I can’t wait to hear his chattering again! In the mean time, I have a job interview in the morning to prepare for. And some more salsa to dig in to. I also have a couple of journal pages to send off to you at some point, but right now there is something sacred about keeping it all to myself.

Let’s just say that the coffee grinds in the bathtub are there for a reason, and I have a peaceful slowed down glow about me, when the cat is kind enough to stop nagging at me that is!  The rest can be shared later on.

Peace in out and all around my friends! It is well earned and delicious!


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