Shoo Bugs Or Shoe Bugs, That Is The Question!

At some point while we were spending our days camped out beside the pool, some nasty unwelcome critters decided to camp out in my kitchen. And then their cousins moved into my computer. What is it with bugs?! Of the viral sort and the ugly unwelcome sort? Uninvited but also apparently not posting enough No Bugs Allowed signs…

So if I seem a bit scattered and absent this past few weeks, it is because between the PineSol and the SpyWare, the Shooing and the Shoeing (attack of the mad mother and her slipper…), I’ve been on a mission.

Mission Successful. Although, now I have a massive headache (aren’t all humans allergic to concentrated pine?) and am using an internet browser I am not comfortable with. But my eyes are open and the guards are up. Because let’s be honest here, they will just move next door, and when they are chased away, they will try to come back!

Upside, if there is one, nothing like clearing out the cupboards and desktop folders to inspire a clean sweep and declutter!


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