Eat ‘Em Up, Mama!

I’ve been a bit jealous of all the chocolate around, chocolate not for me. So whilst out shopping for Other staples for our diet today; you know, milk, bread, bananas, coffee creamer… I watched for a decent post Easter Bunny sale, so I could nab myself something tasty, all in the name of not heading home to binge on the bucket of foil wrapped eggs with someone else’s name on it… 

… and what to my wandering sweet tooth did appear? …oh, just a box of caramel nut filled delectables on for a very low cost. So buy that box of sweet treats I did, and it wasn’t until I was home and already 2 pieces in to it but did I notice the expiration date… being that of Tomorrow!       Challenge Accepted…   

(normally the challenge would be to Not eat the entire box in 2 days, or… say, three quarters of it for lunch…)

I have to admit that I may have learned one of those binge on something to become sick of it lessons. My stomach Hates me right now! But mmmm that 3/4 of a box of chunky chocolate covered bits was so satisfying at the time!

I wonder what will become of the last handful of tasty hunks of deliciousness?! Will I succumb to the urge to devour them at the last minute, or will I remember how gross I feel right now? Probably both… probably both… 


Make Like Rabbit


I enjoy that The BoyChild is pretty sure he doesn’t believe in the easter bunny anymore but is not able to wrap his head around the idea that if there isn’t an easter bunny and I put the chocolate out, do I infact turn into a giant bunny? like mUm?  you are the easter bunny right? I mean like you are waiting for me to go to sleep so you can turn into the bunny? And, if I do think there isn’t a crew of easter bunnies magically bringing chocolate all over the world, do I still get chocolate?

Whatever the answer, as long as there is chocolate strewn around the apartment in the morning, its all good. And there will always be chocolate…

the little things

Inspired by a Macro Monday prompt on flickr, Inheritance theme;


I think I have written about these before. These are 2 bird themed things I have around, that are very special to me. They are both connected to our mother, and I just love them, and that they are bird themed of course. Funny that. I wasn’t really bird crazy as a kid but birds were always with me.



For some reason when I was a teenager, I started buying Mum these bird knick knacks. Mother’s day, christmas, birthdays probably. I think there were about 5? They didn’t cost much, but I remember them sitting on a ledge above her bedroom door. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t choose to keep them all. I do regret that.


But I am glad that I did keep this one. I always loved robins. I am so glad I did, as it really is one of my most valued possessions!



The other one is even more important and valuable.



A ceramic coin bank that our mother’s uncle made when she was pregnant with me. He waited until I was born to add my name and birth date. This poor old owl has been left behind a couple of times, necessity demanded. Now I Do remember writing about this before!


Being reunited with this treasure always means the world to me.


If I can help it, we will never be separated again.




These two lovelies are a few of the handful of ornaments that I actually have around. They are not high in monetary value but they mean the world to me!



Breaking March

March Break is over.  

And because we live in Canada, there is a slight dusting of snow on the ground, and we somehow misplaced our splash pants this week, and none of our gloves are intact and Mum, whyyyyy  do I have to go to school?!?!?! …

and so goes The Worst Monday Morning Ever, in the history of being a kid in school.

Now this mama is ready for Her spring break 😀 which happens between now and 3 pm when I head to work. If you need me I will be in bed eating cereal, colouring and watching tv like a muthafuckin adult

First Day of Spring Things

Spring things 

elusive geese, i see you there through the trees

sighted while waiting for the bus this morning… 

Look up there, someone above, looking down on us!

Just a little guy in a big city, lookin for a snack

reminds me of that Shel Silverstein poem about the bird “pecking at the plastic tree”

Spring abounds, even if it is cold enough for layers! Thank goodness for the time change! There, I said it! Thank goodness for some day light to make our way home by!

Happy Spring! May the robins be cheerful and the sweaters not much longer be needed!


According to the internet, I am a great big uncaring jerk who is killing the planet because I didn’t turn my lights off and join in Earth Hour this evening. True story. But here is the thing. I’m with you. I love and adore you who were able to uphold this worthy act, and I wish I could have come to one of your candle light dinners. Cheers to you who are probably still snogging by candlelight while I bask in the gentle glow of the computer screen. And if you know me, you know that I do happen to care a whole lot! And that is why I have this nagging urge to defend myself! Ironically perhaps, I didn’t know it was happening tonight, because my only source of information about it was the book of face, and my computer was off all day. Get where I am going with this?  Or do I just sound like a tired grump?! Hey man, this rant is keeping me from my nightly round of meditative knitting!

Here is the thing. I was out all day. At work. So, yes, I admit, the lack of use of electricity was not exactly on purpose. But, no one was home, from morning to night. No one but the cat, and she was napping by the balcony door, in warm sun streams most of the day, and then napping in the dark waiting for us to get home. So by rights, I practised lights out for a good 11 hours today! and am about to turn them off for the night again shortly. The tv wasn’t even on today. And even right now, there are only 2 lamps and a computer on. So There? Self-justification says I did good too. And I am sorry for sounding like a mean old grumpy face! And I am going to remember this conversation, and start making the most of these longer day light hours. Think about excess and try to change our usage a little bit, okay? I think that sounds fair.

My thinking is this, it sometimes takes mass action for people to find the momentum to get involved in causes they care about. And that is what mass action is all about, right? So its all good. It works. What I wonder about, and what I hope for, is what people will do tomorrow. Will they continue with the act? Make it a movement? I guess my point is, if you care, do it.  Have at ‘er! I applaud your efforts! 

But, carry that forth. Let values guide your life. Give a shit and keep on giving! 



Are We Better Yet?


It is just about mid march and we still have a little cough once in a while, but that is more for effect than anything. I think we are in fact better now. Over the February Fevers, and now fighting the urge to shed our layers as the sun feels a tad warmer. I am not the only mother on her balcony at recess time watching the children all abandon their coats and hats on the ground that is still slightly frozen… only to hear later Oh Yes Mum, I totally wore all my outdoor clothes all day! I swear it! So it is time to load up the kids with vitamins and start shopping around for 1/2 decent pairs of 2nd hand runners now that winter boots are out season. BUT MUM, I don’t even play on the snow hills anymore!

Mean time I am mustering myself to do something more than nurse us back to health and go to work. Went for a walk yesterday morning, mostly because I needed to go to the store. Ended up wandering in the trees for nearly an hour trying to spy some of the birds that were chirpalirping all around me. There were 2 cardinals that I could distinctly hear laughing at me as they followed me through the trees!

With out snow there is little contrast to help me spot the birdies, and those that I do spot are playing coy. I will have to just enjoy the songs and feel blessed when I do spy a little guy among the bare branches!

This cute little downy woodpecker was making some sweet cooing noises, probably letting the others know they should hide away 

I think I might actually miss the snow a bit, maybe because without it the parking lot view just loots ugly. I can’t actually believe how fast it went by! But that could be because I spent most of the last month under the weather and influence of various sinus and cold remedies… But I am so looking forward to getting out for more fresh air. Now it is time to remind the boy child that brushing his teeth actually doesn’t mean refilling the toothpaste with water, and then we are heading out to karate. I think we might even walk home. I am going to take this moment to keep my chin up and remember, like a good woman inadvertently told me … I Got This !

Happy March and Spring! ! See you soon. Unless you are the 7 kinds of birds I could hear calling yesterday, in which case I will Not see you, but will certainly stare hard enough in the trying!