Fine with February

The snow has settled a bit, and so has the Boy’s cough, so he went to school, and I went for  a walk to see how pretty the snow has made the world.

So glad I did that, after 2 days stuck indoors with a sick kid!

Something sacredly healing about wandering around on a snowy path, just me, the birds, and my thoughts. And the traffic a block away but I do manage to tune that out pretty well.

I want to tell you something about why it is such a big deal for me to get outdoors. Most people might think Big Deal Woman, so you went for a walk. Right you are! But, here it is. I grew up on rented farms and cabins in the woods. And I lived for a decade in Northwestern Ontario. Where winter lasted from early October into early May. 8 months. And on average, temperatures were -25 or colder. By February I was as eager to see the end of snow as anyone would be.I think I forgot just how beautiful it could be. Any time we left the house it was basically a nature hike. And that we did, but… now, now it means more to my very soul.

Now I live in an intercity area in southern Ontario. In an apartment building in an apartment block next door to 2 schools, with thousands of neighbours. I keep to myself, I mean I am friendly enough, we are making new friends, mostly families we see on a regular basis at community and child oriented functions. But if it weren’t for my quiet crafts and funny habits, I think I would be more at risk of losing my mind here than when I was half buried under the northern snows. So I do what I can. I seek out the pretty amidst the verbal noise that is the city.


Just a couple of blocks from my apartment block, is a trail that runs through most of the city.  It is a quiet beautiful peaceful haven, on cold winter mornings. Which is why I think it is so important for me to put on an extra layer and get out there, before hitting the low cost grocery store or laundry room or whatever task it is that awaits. In spring and summer, the path is vibrant with the buzzing of bike tires and children chattering. We are all out there celebrating the seasons like bees! But in winter, it seems it is just me, the birds and a few skiers or dog walkers. A friendly group of nature seekers…

Hide and Seek Cardinal

And so, when I tell you about my little walks, you might now have a sense that just around the corner from where I stand in the snow talking to birds, city life is happening. And I am blessed to be able to escape from it for a little while.

Now it is time to set that crazy kettle to boiling and warm up some!

Does Balcony Buddha look too cold or just maybe layered enough to stay warm? Either way he seems to be okay with keeping vigil even in all the snow!


… and then February was all like, Oooooh you thought it was Spring? HAHAHAHAHAH JUST KIDDING!

Today’s views are from my balcony only, since I have a kiddo home with what I call Annual February Fever.

So it is all tea and cold cloths and watching the snow fall from the balcony window.

I Dreamt of Snow and Woke to Rain

I Dreamt of Snow and Woke to Rain

My first thought Sunday Morning was to check and see how much snow had fallen. But when I looked out the window, what I saw was February Rain. That’s strange, could be sure I had seen snow falling when I went to bed. Then I realized that the snow had in fact been a figment of a dream. I dreamt of snow. And woke to rain.

But by the end of the day, the snow was falling. It didn’t stay long mind you, but by the time I left work on Sunday evening, there was snow on the ground.

A miss-taking, the branch is all fuzzy but the snow on ground shows well, like frosting, fresh and soft

Yesterday morning again I woke to rain. But again, I had dreamt of snow. Great big flakes of snow falling slowly. And I thought, okay lets wait and see. And last night, what fell upon my head as I took the garbage out at end of shift, but great big lazy snow flakes, that are making everything look pretty this morning.

Which probably proves that I am a witch. Or at least psychically in tune with the weather, old man winter and lady goddess of snow.

Or Not. Maybe I have just rediscovered a joy in winter. Maybe the decade in the far north made me forget what winter is like when not -30 on average! Maybe it turns out that I Love snow! And maybe because it is only 9 days into February, I don’t want to see it gone just yet! Call me a weirdo, or just a Canadian. Call me grateful for a mild, gentle winter. I know when it is summer, I will rejoice and not dare to dream of snow, but for now give it me over rain any morning!


Whistle while you wake



There is something completely anti-zen about using a kettle that whistles when it boils.

An early Monday morning, just dropped the kiddo off at school in the rain, time for a nice warm relaxing cup of tea can start out with something the very opposite of what the purpose of the boiling water is for. The shrieking call back to the kitchen. But maybe, just maybe, it is the perfect starting note to the process. Nothing like a wretchedly horrible whistling sound to clear your mind… to put you into a panic induced empty headed state so very much more ready for that cup of tea and moment of relaxation.

Happy Monday… May your starting points be briefly blasting followed by warm comfort.




(Sidenote did winter even happen this year?)

I have been seeing things. In the world around me. Things I might not otherwise see, if I wasn’t looking. That could be some very simple words, or it could be the most profound thought I have ever had. Up to you, dear friends…

It is too cold to lay around on the ground staring at the clouds. Or maybe I just don’t have the right clothes on for that. Remember as a child, falling off the toboggan when it reaches the bottom, the end of its chaotic run, and you would lay on the snowy bed of ground, staring up at the sky and day dreaming? I think that was my favourite part of sledding. But now I don’t have that kind of stillness in me. And so I walk. And while I walk, I see things. Letters. Shapes. Little gnome homes, reflective bridges to no where…

Things that it takes a special eye to see. Crazy eye. Perhaps?

I have challenged myself to look for letters of the alphabet in the natural world around me. So far I have learned that only a couple of letters are most common. Or rather, I wonder if the harder I look, the more I will see? Is it just my crazy eyes, or is the universe trying to ask me a question, or suggest a question for me to ask?!

Do you see “Y”


Today is February 2nd. The groundhog told us it will soon be spring. As did all the birds, children forgetting to put on all their layers when they go outside at recess, along with the rain and the quick melting of the snow that I feel only just arrived.

Today I too saw a ground hog.  Doesn’t he look like he joined up with the ghostbusters?

If the groundhog appears in ice, what does That mean, I wonder?!

Whatever Mother Nature is trying to tell me, I am receptive and grateful for her gifts.