Snow, It Falls

“Look out the window honey, I think I see a couple of snow flakes!” …


Became, “lets go for a walk, see if we can catch a couple of snow flakes on our mitts”,

to “Holy Man has anyone looked outside lately?!”

So that is happening outside right now. Inside, is a mess of half unwrapped christmas season decorations. Tis the season! What happened was, after the walk this morning, I wanted to find this one candle holder I have, shape of a tree. Promised the boy that I wasn’t going to go on a decorating spree just yet… let’s wait for December. Only, December is just around the corner. So, while I am not getting out the Jolly Old Santa decorations yet, and haven’t decided where to put the tree, I do think it might be nice to have some festive candles and little snowmen about. Or at least the dollar store santa themed colouring books out. Because apparently I thought those worth keeping last year.

So fill the yuletide mugs with hot milk and molasses and get out ye old crayons! It’s cozy time.


Talkin Turkey

Well I did it. I finally roasted a turkey! And for that I give Thanks!

How neighbourly of me! I am Canadian, so no, this is not an early Thanksgiving Turkey. We did our Thanksgiving weekend last month. I explained it to my son like “our harvest season is earlier because of how it gets cooler here sooner”, but I really don’t know why our Thanksgiving comes earlier. I bet it Is to do with when the carrots are done in the ground though! I like to think that idea.

Aaaaanywaaaaay, back to turkey. Why I decided to learn how to roast a turkey is thus… we were given ‘Christmas’ turkeys at work. And I already have a turkey in my freezer that I have been ignoring for many months, so there wasn’t room for it in there. And I Could have given it away, that would have been nice of me I guess. But my wallet is thin and we can use the good food. So. Time to woman up and learn how to roast a bird!

Is it shameful that I haven’t in my 39 years roasted a bird before? Here are a few reasons. In the past I have lived as a vegetarian, so I had an excuse not to learn. I also lived with people who wanted to own the kitchen on big meal days, and I let him, I mean Them. I have been known to be in charge of the squash. Because I like squash and if I didn’t do it, there might not be any. Sure. Or, more likely, and most recently, I work most holiday meals. And so my son goes elsewhere for the big dinners, and I again have an excuse not to bother. But, I am far too thrifty to not roast this bad boy up! I know, this is not vegetarian friendly. But I put that aside for the sake of affording to feed my child. There. We have to weigh our conscious decisions sometimes…

So. Days of fridge thawing gave me time to research. There are some pretty decent websites that come up, with a good old googling! And friends to resource. And at 8 pm tonight we ate a plateful of turkey with gravy. Nothing else, mostly because we had already eaten all our regular meals today, and this was an experiment, a learning experience…not a full on celebration. And because I was too busy rearranging my bedroom to bother with the vegetable prep. (Not sure what that was about, procrastination? Denial? Nesting?) I Had considered setting the turkey on top of some carrots and taters to roast, but I am not that experienced yet. Anyway according to Elfboy, I did pretty good.

My freezer agrees. Actually it doesn’t yet. Because I need to find room for all the little foiled packages of turkey meat ready to be popped in there for future reference. (Lookin forward to months of turkey pot pie and soup!)

I don’t have any pictures to share of the experience. Roasting birds are gross to look at. I bet the neighbours are wondering what I was up to with all my verbalization during prep time. But I guess I done good. (Thanks to 3 special helpers from a distance!) and I am pumped to learn about stuffing and determined to make cranberry sauce to go with the next one. Which I won’t be thawing any time soon, I can tell you that! In the mean time, Turkey for all! Sammiches and a massive drumstick for lunch tomorrow…  (At least some kale salad to go with?) Good times.

Now that the thing has been roasted, eaten and stripped, I am ready for some … raisin bran. Mmmmmm

So, an early Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends. In this time, when there is so much grief to focus on, I am also thankful for many things. And I wish for you to have much to be thankful for too. May abundance surround you.

Birds for the Birds

Only so long one can hang out on a bench before the birds take notice…

I love the story here…

I was noticed. We stared at each other. And then he went and warned the others…

The ducks weren’t bothered…


I sat a while watching but then I got cold and wanted to walk in the sun. About a minute after, as I walked away, I heard the flapping of wings and honking of geese. Too bad I hadn’t waited it out, that is the kind of picture I would love to end this story with.

I guess for now I will leave it as To Be Continued… and keep my eyes up!


Slow Stroll, Golden Day

Walked home from my doctors appointment today. Not necessarily a wise choice, considering how many vials they filled with my blood! But I made it, so that’s a good thing, right? Nothing too concerning, just some tests. But when I left there, I wanted to leave the moment behind, and also wasn’t keen to just head home to my couch and tv show binge watching. Got to savour some moments, and save some for later.

I Could have caught the transfer bus home, but something in me said Walk, woman, walk. Take your time, make your way through this tepid fall day! So, I did. Slowly but surely, with already light head, I took a walk through a lovely big city park. Sat on a bench or two. Ate snacks. I always have snacks in my bag. I can thank habits of motherhood, or just the fact that I never allow hunger to catch up with me. (Note to self, I wonder if pumpkin is high in iron, and if I have been craving it lately for a reason?)

I don’t think that it is with quickness that November is passing now. But, colour is fading. Which makes the bright stand out all the more when one is strolling slowly, with eyes to ground and skies.

I will try to make the most of this season while it lasts. And to start making note of places that will be charming for a mid winters day stroll. Although, not for some time yet please!

I feel good. Like I am fulfilled, and heading towards some answers. It is good to know what is going on inside oneself, but it is also good to look at the world around. Be captivated by details and the signs of something separate from us. To get out into the world, but also to escape through it.

Toothepaste Blue

Oh, I’ll tell the same joke twice. Even thrice! 6 Times? How Nice!

“Cleaned the bathroom today. I knew my son needed a shiny pallet for his toothpaste artistry”

“Support your budding artist, clean your bathroom today!”

“What better way to spend your day off than by preparing a new canvas for your son? aka cleaning the bathroom counters…”

“Cleaning the bathroom is also known as Supporting the Creative Arts, when mothering an 8 year old boy armed with multiple colours of toothpaste; positive spin on never ending chores of motherhood.”

“In our bathroom, pee yellow is on the colour wheel, and the floor…”

“Hey mUm, the bathroom looks so nice and clean. Let me help decorate it with this toothpaste and pee!”


Funny cause true …


But it is all love. and toothpaste… and why I loath chores, but must always always do them…




"Love is like a golden thread, which binds two hearts together.
And if this thread we do not break, then we'll be friends forever."

This is a little poem our Mum would write in cards and autograph books when we were kids. She would recite it to us. Her version of Roses are Red, maybe. I don’t know much about the origin of these lovely little words. She was born in Sussex, England in the 1940s. I imagine little classmates, or sisters, whispering this to each other. A vow of childhood friendship. Now it is a binding phrase that I use to remember her. A little chant that travels through time, tugs at my heart.

This week is always a tender week for me. November 11 being Remembrance Day, I get into a thoughtful mood. I went to the local memorial day service again this year, and stood with my city, honouring those who fought and thinking of those who are brave enough to done uniform now. I stood beside a woman I have known for about a year. Her son is in the military and she was just waiting to hear where he was headed to be posted. My teary eyes were for her and him and the world we live in. I have so many mixed feelings about military. But mostly it is personal. The world creates a need, and so I think that the services in memory are also a way for us to say Thank You to the brave souls who still fill the call.


I think often about how many lives are affected by war, by violence. The echos that reverberate through generations. The hurt, the hate, that is created in hearts that cannot heal. I feel the echos of the trauma that my parents lived with. My family feels it. I went back after the service and looked at the wreaths laid. I thought, we are here to remember so many. And now here we are again looking at a world damaged by violence. But for every message of hate and fear that I see posted today on social media, that there will also be a heart remembering to look my neighbours in the eye, with trust. And I will be saying silently to them, I know you. I know you are not worthy of fear. We are all hurt and we are all capable of bravery as much as we are of fear or hate.

This morning I woke up thinking about all the people waking in France today, realizing that their loved ones are gone. Today is also the anniversary of our Mother’s passing. Her battles were with a different kind of enemy. A physical one. But I always keep my poppy close for a few extra days in remembrance of her own life and braveries. It reminds me of the person she was, and who she hoped we would be. Creative, helpful members of our communities. I tell my son, we need to keep on with our day, with love and thoughts in our heart. He is beside me as I write this, drawing rainbow coloured pictures on his tablet. Living and creating. This is what we must do. Live and remember. Our hearts are with you, Paris. And with every heart in every person who wakes daily knowing that violence and war have taken someone they love. This is not the way things should be. But love can bind us together. Love and care.

“Love is like a golden thread, which binds two hearts together. And if this thread we do not break, then we’ll be friends forever.”

Good Sunday Morning to You All

Pre-Coffee Thoughts. Waiting for coffee to be ready…

The child seems to have gotten over his “nerves of being in any room other than the room mum is in”. It appears he had a nice swim in the hallowe’en treat bucket this morning. I don’t think I will even mention it, since I have been hoping he would get over this fear of leaving his bedroom until I am awake that he has going on. So, if it is chocolate before breakfast that is getting him over his little case of nerves, I guess that is ok. In fact, I think I will set up the coffee for the morning and ask him to turn it on in the morning for me, while he is at it.

Mean time, I think I will snag a cup before the brew is finished. Big plans for our Sunday, the first being to remind my brain that if it is over tired this morning, it is because it refused to ground itself in my body last night. Sure, Now we want sleep. HA! Ha I Say!

I promised Him that if he finishes his homework without fuss this morning, that we will take the pumpkin outside and give it a couple of good kicks before throwing its rotten remains into the trash bin. Then we can throw leaves at each other, since we will both need bathing at some point today, me before I work this afternoon anyway.

Big plans for this Sunday. And apparently, strange memories in the making. Stay tuned for visuals…I’m off to dip into the coffee and make pancakes.