Season’s Greetings!






Make it Gifty

He is probably too old for stuffies, being all big and 8 years old by now. But since he is my son, there will never be an age limit to me making him fun crafty gifts. Gotta balance out all the spending and screen addiction support… Besides, these are the things that will last, in our memories if not our toy boxes. And while I have a few ideas for gift making for family members, I am not yet in the mood. Who can resist a baggie of felt scraps?

So This is happening …


Chewie waiting to be stuffed and stitched

And this already happened …


they are finger puppets, but right now are also Tree Jawas.

As long as I am his mother, he can expect me to make him funny crafty things. And as long as he is my son, I can expect him to look forward to them. Even if I have to sneak into his future homes and hang them on his trees! For now the fun is going to be to see how long it takes for him to notice the Tree Jawa invasion!


Tree for the Birds

This is happening…


And also this,

And this…


And this.

Christmas is creeping in.


And we are having fun with it!

We will give the tree a proper make over the week before Christmas, but for now, this is what we have going… and it is good.


In the mean time, I am working on this… for a boy who is past stuffie age but I Have to make this for him! Gotta! I will post how it goes.


Xmas PlayGameBoxStation A Go

Wild Eyed I Dash…

… through the mall, on child tax day, to buy my son the game system that is the only thing he wants under the tree this year, fully aware that since he no longer believes in santa, all the pressure not to fail him is on my shoulders and in my heart!

Don’t over think, don’t make eye contact, don’t get sucked in. Just get what you are there to get, and get out! Don’t worry if you don’t remember why who said what about what system you need. Just go buy what you have written on the list.

Wild Eyed I Dash..

… through the mall, trying to remember which store my exit was near, and where the nearest art supply store is! I miss the days when any old plastic crap will do. Or do I?

Wild Eyed I Dash…

… to the bus… home.

To stash that box of potential happiness and more likely frustration, in a secret place until I have the energy to try it out and make sure it’s refurbished but shiny self works (always say yes to warranty…)

Wild Eyed I Look…

.. in the mirror wondering if I should have a nap before work, or just curl up with the last of the ice cream and watch something delightfully distracting on tv, while the tv is still mine…

Slowly my eyes will settle…

…and my mind will find something else to race over. Like what level of age appropriateness and control do I want to put on the games that my family members decide to flood our home with?! Are wrestling games acceptable if boxing isn’t? And are guns okay if they are in lego game form? What about cars that smash into things to bits and gore is everywhere?! And what system for use of screen time are we going to have to implement to make sure that we are not both looking Wild Eyed?!

Maybe I can ask santa for some really good headphones and a new ipod!

Crush It

Excerpt from conversation with 8 year old son tonight.


First, let me set the scene. We just got home. It is nearly 9 o’clock at night. Somehow, instead of getting him into pajamas and bed, we are in the kitchen. He is at the table drawing a little stick figure comic story. I am making beet carrot juice. I just got off work. I’m combating head rushes and iron deficiency… I think.

We are talking about crushes. I have just admitted that yes, I did have crushes on people before I was a mother, and I might like to have a crush on someone again.

and then the darling boy said;

“Mum, if you ever decide to have a crush on someone again, I’d like it to be a boy not a girl, cause I already have you and 2 women would be too much to keep up with”

Those were his exact words. He looked up from his pencil and paper and said what I think is a most marvellous thing, maybe the coolest, cutest, most open minded thing I have heard an 8 year old say!….also making this the quote of the month. Or perhaps the year, seeing it is December, He doesn’t even know how marvellous it is!

I did tell him that I am proud of him for being so open and understanding, but he just stared at me, starting to realize the gravity of a mother capable of crushes, I think…

Also, I didn’t make any promises. But I did assure him that who ever I might have a crush on in the future, I wouldn’t likely be able to choose, as matters of the heart are just a sort of natural occurrence. But that who ever the person is, they will be a good person for both of us. And then I drank me some beet juice and decided that it was high time he was off to the wonderful world of bed.

Wash Not Wear Not

This morning the boy actually said to me .. “mUm, have you Seen my pants drawer?!” Meaning it might be time for me to fit in a few loads of laundry. Because goodness forbid The Boy wear anything other than track pants with patched knees (his favourite) to school! Today he went in a pair of grey pants, With Pockets! Gasp!

I am on this strange work schedule where I just worked 4, now I am off every other day until the weekend. So things are haywire around here. We are in “do the basics to avoid desperation” mode. Eating and dressing and hugging, getting by.

In the mean time, I suppose it is time to get outdoors, some fresh air and change for laundry machines. Planning to decorate the Christmas Tree tonight instead of doing things that might actually need doing. Why not!

Now, what fabulous get up can I dig out to wear to the store, I wonder?!

Shaken Stems

When too many pieces in the jenga tower that is my life get shifted, I tend to sometimes crash like a building demolition site. When that happens, it is usually too late to notice that what I need is a good break. Or nap. Or a couple of days off from all things. But life must go on. I paraphrase a deeply wise saying, that if we fall, we must not stay down. We must get back up and find our way around the rubble, start rebuilding the lego person tower that is living life. Else someone else come and use our pieces. Or tell us how to place our bricks.

I think simplicity might be the answer. Clarity. Organization of life and emotions. Focus on fewer things. Singular tasking in stead of multi -tasking. Napping instead of doing the dishes.

So if people take a breather, we could do to understand and support. Not incessantly nudge them else they forget we are waiting for their move in scrabble. Ok well I will always nudge, but I understand if forthcoming is not what people can always be.

Me, today I will be under blankets with a wool sock monkey hat on my head, re-energizing and drawing the pieces back in before another go round in the fray.