When The Kids Away, The Mumma Does Play

Day 2.5 Mother Alone and Still Intact…

Today is FUNDAY!

“There are coffee grounds in the bath tub, beer in glass, home fries in the oven and mushrooms and onion on the stove! The more reasonable/friendly of the options for Party Mama!”P1100653 P1100655

Day beers on the balcony, and while dicing veggies to saute to have on my home fries! This is what I get up to when I am left alone for a few days! Eatin things the kiddo won’t eat, drinkin the beers I don’t drink around him!

Hey nothing wrong with that, right?!

Today is FunDay! Adulting can be gotten back to tomorrow! ”

As for the coffee grounds in the bathtub, that was all about Mummy Play. Self Care. Creativity and a good use for used coffee grounds. Specifically, a body scrub made of old plain eastern indian yogurt brand and yesterdays coffee grounds. Yum! Skin is happy! Bathtub needs cleaning… No pictures, sorry!


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