stitch in mine

It has once again been a while since I sat down to share my particular brand of wit and wisdom with the muses. (I don’t think I can say masses just now.) And there are of course any number of reasons. The first and foremost being that I can only write so many times on the charms and thrills of Domestic Goddessery and Bitchen Stitchen before I am repeating myself. And also because those very things have kept me too busy, drained, occupied and or distracted to sit down and write anything…

Then again, what else have I to write about?! So without further long winded ado…  this week in Domestic Goddessery, the not so great battle of the laundry bin vs the floor… I wonder there is some method in practice that involves all of the pajamas that have only been worn once ending up directly In the laundry bin, but the clothes that are super gross end up in a well defined force field approximately 9 inches from and around the bin without ever actually touching it until mum tells you it is laundry day or you have no pajamas left in the drawer, at which of either point you move all your laundry into the bin to hide the fact that you put all your clean jammies in there all week… ?!?!?! of course, I Could suggest you take jammies out of the bin instead of the drawer at night, but that would trigger my germaphobia, and I don’t want to start suggesting you break your routine, for fear of a flare up of your special brand of fit. So ya for sure fine wear those basket ball shorts to bed since it is too cold now to wear them to school and you have nothing left in your pj drawer except those perfectly good bottoms which apparently clash with your mood today. And while we are on the subject of things we don’t wear to school, why is it a war of the drama queens if I even dare to suggest you take off those trackpants and put under wear on first? NO NO Don’t throw Those into the laundry! You are going to put them back on! YEESH!

ok well now I’m spent! I’ll be back to brag about bitchen stitchen in a bit. it is time to decide if I want to get jacked on coffee or cozy with tea!


Fire the Ovens, Stir the Batter!

September is here!


A bit of a recap… I have been exploring gluten free options. Mostly because I don’t want to look half way pregnant after I eat a muffin, or feel wrenchingly sick after a sammich. So muffin mad mama is trying out different things. It has been a rough go, especially since my all time favourite go to snack most always involves bread things. Gawd how I love bread things! However, as most of you know, I also have a fully supported tostitos habit and potato addiction. So I have been surviving…


But we miss the smell of baking. And the goodies that come forth with! Never fear! Good news comes in the form of a gluten free bag of masa flour. I think. The problem now is that in my enthusiasm for having finally gotten my hands on baked goods that don’t feel like ‘shrink wrapped crumbled something’ is that I just might have eaten too much. Anyway it has been a while since I posted a recipe or a story about my kitchen antics. So here you go;

Cranberry CornBread aka CornyCranCranLoaf 


preheat oven 400



  • 2 cups masa flour
  • 3/4 cup corn meal (or whatever combination of both you want to use equalling the amount of 2 and 3/4 cups)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp cumin (not even sure why I added this just really craving it?)


  • 1 1/2 c butter milk (or sub in 1 c yogurt and 1/3 cup milk)
  • 1/3 cup cooking oil (I buy sunflower for some reason so that is what I used, if you have a preference for butter, have at it!)
  • 1/3 cup honey, Or 1 cup brown sugar stirred into 1/3 cup more oil)
  • 2 large eggs


  • 1 cup cranberries of some sort – I had a can of chunky cranberry sauce around so that is what I used… I was going to use this jar of mango salsa I had because it was too sweet for just dipping into with yon tostitos, but that went into an omelette earlier… Probably a good thing too because without the cranberry the name of this whole thing would be totally different!
  • after eating a few helpings, I am thinking a few other things would make this an even more tasty treat. Like orange zest and poppy seeds… A maple glaze even! (that can still be done!)



  • Mix dry; whisk masa and corn meal together to blend, then add rest of dry


  • toss cranberries into dry if using whole or dried berries. Do not add cran yet if using a wet type of cranberry sauce, like say the gelatinous goop out of a can (not judging, that is totally what I did because that is what I had around…). add that after wet has been added to dry, for Some reason…
  • in a small bowl or mug, whisk eggs
  • in a med bowl mix rest of wet; start w the buttermilk/yogurt and milk sub, and oil then beat in the whisked eggs, whisk in honey or sugar sub which you have already blended together, right?
  • make a well in centre of dry
  • stir in wet. don’t over mix, let it be clumpy. add wet cran sauce now, stir in nicely but again, don’t over mix.

spray or oil or grease a 9 inch tin baking pan

spread batter into prepped pan

bake for about 45 minutes, **

** but I’d check it at 25/30 minutes in case it bakes faster than mine did. Take out when thumb of oven mitt doesn’t squish it when you take it out to check. Or when the sides are golden brown and top is a bit dry. Or when batter doesn’t come off wet when you poke it with a tooth pick. You probably have your favourite method for knowing when things are ready, so I will leave it at that.



and that’s how I do Cranberry Cornmeal Bread aka CornyCranCranLoaf

Side note, I think it was a success and I might have found my baking substitute for good old flour… for about 5 minutes, I did have a bit of a stomach ache, but that is probably from the 2 servings I wolfed down and all the butter I slathered over it.  PS The Boy Child approves and is glad to come home from school to the smelled of baking again…

bake on!

Fall means baking season!

Now that the temps are tolerable again, and the apartment doesn’t feel like a sauna morning noon and night, I instantly want to amp up the oven and get back to baking! A muffin free summer, oh the deprivation!

Cool nights mean the apartment isn’t blazing hot all day long, and with school back I feel the urge to load up the snack bin with tasty home made treats again!

However, I have lately been changing my eating habits. Call it a gluten sensitivity, punishment by the goddess of domesticity for some reason or other, or just a desire not to experience cramping bloaty business everytime I eat a pb and j, never mind walking around looking about 6 months pregnant for 2 days if I dare to eat a piece of pizza… call it what you will, I have been trying not to eat flour based things anymore. Which does put a damper on the joys of baking for this muffin making obsessed mama!

But there are alternatives, right? Long live de pomme de terre!!! 

and perhaps a side of cornmeal!

Today I am going to learn about corn masa, a flour used for making tortillas etc.? I am going to try to fire off a batch of cranberry cornmeal somethings. A loaf maybe. And apparently I picked up a bag of masa flour, so I am going to attempt to sub that in for flour. I think it will be good, because this was a recipe using majority cornmeal anyway. I will keep you posted, and in the mean time enjoy these sights that I saw this morning when I went out for a walk, aka avoiding the housework.


also, since Mister Now 9 Year Old probably won’t want my cranberry corn things, I might still fire off a batch of ye old coconut chocolate chip muffins. Cause Mother of the Year awards don’t come around for nothing 😀 


Monday with Momma

Know what (single) Parenting is?

Spending Monday Morning, aka my first chance for Me Time in like 3 days, watching youtube videos on how to assemble your kids new scooter.

The plan Was to go walk down the street and get some pics of the fabulous sun flowers on that ladies lawn, and maybe check out a grocery store up the road for beet crackers. But no dice! So far all I have done is vacuumed the living room and tried to put together this super cool looking but at this point my current least favourite… thing. And now instead of watching a grown up tv show or anything like that, I am watching some guy who says Here way to often in one video, in hopes that he will end the mystery of why the headset won’t stay secure. A plus is that I now know what a head set is.

Happy Mothering 😀 Happy Monday

There are no visuals for you to go along with this rant, but there might be some later. Because soon I am going to put this back in its box and let it sit for another month against the living room wall. And go looking for those sunflowers 😀

Days of Molten Gold

It has been months since I wrote anything here.

A few reasons …

~~> mama works too much

~~> mama worn out by health and work and humidity


~~> objects in reflection may be as tired as they appear


~~> but all mope and no play would make me a mean mama

~~> so sometimes other just has to happen, and to be fair, creative energies can only go in so many directions at any given time… so lately by other I mean read or sing in the freezing cold shower streams


But it is all good folks, it is all love!


Hope summer is being grand to you all! We have been doing what we do, with a bit of romance and a fair amount of splashing on the side.


Full hearts and full mugs, every thing gonna be alright!


A Spoonful of Grape Sour

A FUN WAY TO MAKE PINK LEMONADE  is to toss that bag of grapes that you forgot about into the juicer before they all rot, and then add that and a couple of capfuls of lemon juice to a jug full of icy water, and stir.

You might want to add some sweetener too, because let me tell you, as much as you might enjoy the refreshing contrast of lemon and ice, your 8 year old might have something sour to say about it! And he won’t believe for one minute that it is pink because of some special lemons you had around. Or that you used grapejuice, because MUM EVERYONE KNOWS GRAPE JUICE IS PURPLE AND SWEET! 

I wish I could post a picture to go along with this tale, but unfortunately my camera is on the fritz and until I buy a battery charger, I’m sans visual. I mean that in more ways than one, since I was beginning to rely on the zoom lens to see things at a distance. I am already missing my snappy little friend, and as much as I enjoy the view of the world around me, I am honestly weighing the pros and cons of new eye glasses vs a new camera. 

Oh the woes! in the mean time, since no one else wants any, I’m going to fill my glass with pink lemonade again. MMMMMMM.