Day 2, Child Away, Survival of …

Day 2. Survival Notes, of  a Mother Alone

“Woke up earlier than necessary, why wake up if you are going to just feel tired? First thoughts are of course of my Elfkin. Little a little morning prayer of connection. And of my sister (who at the time of writing this was in the process of bringing an angel into our world! – more on that but I am an Auntie!)

Something else to lay pondering. While I am finally enjoying a much earned and deserved and needed break, she is entering motherhood!

Not that I am alone with Kissa The Butt (cat…) meyowling at me!


To make the most of this morning, I cleaned up the balcony a bit and had a nice mummy breakfast date with myself. It is nice to not have to know yet what is in store. And to know that when I do decide on something, I can just up and do it! Ah the freedom of it all!  One’s head could spin with the very possibilities!

P1100639Had me a pretty pretty breakfast of pears, yogurt, muffin and cheese. I wonder what He is having for breakfast! I wonder what foods he will come home ready to request for order! Sausages I bet! I remember traying many a mighty sausage for those Kiddos when I worked in camp kitchens! I wonder if I got a job cooking again if we could just go live at a camp for a whole season next summer.

Ok it is apparent that I am missing him muchly. Time to stretch out and read a while! Bask in this moment. ”

Outdoor reading nook, with a side of fairy garden…

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