Do Well, Well, Do

How we do on our bad days… shows how well we do.

Last night, 3 a.m., woke up with sweats and sick stomach. 930 called in sick to work. Set up child to fend for himself for a few hours. Woke up at 1 o’clock in the afternoon! Child had fended fine. Felt guilty for lost day. Took son to splash pad for fresh air. Walking across grass, got stung on the foot, between big and next toe. Pulled out big mean assed stinger. Sat in wet grass. Called it a day, came home. Child’s friends from upstairs came over for a visit. Left them to fend for themselves, had snooze in bedroom. Now making rice dish, promising child we will sit and watch a movie.

Today wasn’t a win. I want to cry great big tears into my rumpled pillow. But we made it through. My foot is swollen and hurts, my stomach hurts. But my heart doesn’t hurt. Cause we got this.

(Pat’s self on head and back. Stops sulking)


Amp That Thunder!


The neighbourhood party house has amped up their game. Literally. They have a mic’ed sound system going now. But so far all I hear is some guy going WHooop WhoOOOOOooP!!! and then a lot of girls screaming back. Kind of a waste if you ask me. Since the entire neighbourhood is being treated to this awful ear pollution, at least pass the mic around?

On a happy note, it is so stormy tonight that the winds and thunder are muting the party sounds a bit. #grumpyoldladynextdoorproblems

Whatever You Say!

Listening to children argue gives me such bad anxiety! Seriously stresses me out! But the great thing about hanging out with kids who speak a different language than me, is that I really don’t care what they are yelling at each other about! Ignorance Is Bliss!

Disaster Cake 101

Cake Gone Wrong = Vanilla Trifle Celebration Tis the last day of school before summer holidays! A good chance for a Mama to go crazy with the treat making! I love a reason to have a party for 2! And a good salvage project… P1080583 So here is what you do; First, decide at 9 a.m. on the last day of school to pick up a cake mix. Then over fill mini bundt cake tins with batter. Then watch in mild horror as those babies bake, over flowing and becoming something resembling an alien marshmallow mushroom creature. Pull from oven, stare in bewilderment.

If these had just popped out of tin nicely, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, we would be having massive cupcakes. Win?

Wait 20 minutes to find the pan still hasn’t cooled. Start easing a batter scraper around the edges of the massive muffin tops. Google ideas for using botched cake. Exclaim with delight over suggestions to make parfait. Celebrate over box of vanilla pudding mix in cupboard. Be inspired and glad that the tops of the cakes come off relatively whole. Put those aside on cooling rack.

P1080579 P1080578

Decide if one should do a layered dessert in a glass dish, or make them individually in the blue glass bowls.  P1080580 Scrape and loosen botched cakes from bundt cake tin which is finally cool enough to touch. Tip all that delightful cake into a glass pan. State of cleanliness is more important than size.

Mix up vanilla pudding. Put in at least 1/3 more milk than suggested on box so there is enough to go around, and over the pan of cakey bits. Pour pudding over and around cakey bits. P1080584

Then layer the cake tops in nice row. Cover and refrigerate. Mostly because you just aren’t ready to get the icing going yet. Finally, ice Botched Bundt Cake Vanilla Pudding Trifle P1080586P1080585

Now. It looks like cake. But it’s something more than cake.

Will he notice? Will he eat it? Will he remember fondly one day that his mother liked to celebrate with funny desserts, these special moments of our lives?! Let’s Hope So!

P1080589PS… he ate it without question, although with some hesitation, seeing as apparently at school they had not only pizza for lunch but an ice cream sundae bar… But the good news is it basically just resembles really moist somewhat dense cake… yum!

Reading Room

Ok. Stalling at bedtime has entered a new realm. A sly and clever realm!

Little man is supposed to be brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed. But instead, he is sitting on the toilet reading a chapter book. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t actually have to use the washroom, and is lying to me in order to stay up later. But … he is reading. Which is something I need to encourage.

So I’m’a let him sit and read a while longer and then gently suggest he has 5 minutes to finish up and get ready for bed.

For some reason this makes me kind of proud 😀

Mouthy Babes

Today’s moment of hilarity, out of the mouths of babes…

Today was my son’s classes field trip, to the local splash pad. For a day of romping in the waters, climbing at the park, and getting salty and sun baked together. A celebration, a bonding experience. A chance for children to say things that amuse and shock.

There I was being a helpful helper, helping one little darling lay our her wet clothes to dry. When her classmate looked at me and said “Are you Emily’s grandmother?”

No. NO little sweetheart, no I am not! (I am your classmates not quite 40 year old mother, thank you very much! Ok when you put it like that… but still, no thank you very much!)

Fun Things From My Today


Today I stood ankle deep in my sandals in a basket ball court so full of rain water that it had become a wading pool, in order to take these pictures… P1080562  P1080560

Today I bought 3 little solar lights for my balcony, put them in a massive jar full of last years beach rocks, and left them to do their thing. Delightful! P1080568 P1080570

You know you are more than just a crafty person, when you are getting your creative fix for the day by finger painting with sparkle glue, on your balcony, in the dark and light of some solar lamps, at 11 oclock at night… (if above jar of solar lights looks rained on, that is the sparkle glue that has not dried yet)

Someone is about to finish grade 2, and someone’s mother was inspired by someone elses mother, to make a really great sun catcher for our lovely teacher who we are so grateful for! The above is what we have done. Painted old cds with nail polish, and then affixed self adhesive ”jewel” stickers, and last but not least, slathered on some sparkle glue!

P1080567 P1080566

I have to wait for it all to dry, and then figure out the best way to string them all together, for fabulous suncatching enjoyment. I’m posting these pics now because I am pretty sure in the mad scramblings of the next few days to come, I will be lucky to actually finish them, hand them over and feel self satisfaction. So pre-emptively taking photos of the works in progress is pretty darn progressive of me!

P1080574 P1080571 P1080572

We were inspired at an impromptu craft night at our friend’s place… to make sun catchers out of old cds that are other wise just sitting around feeling sorry and unused… these are ours, just paint, glued on thingys, and some places to hang them… They really do catch the sun in the right light. And I am pretty sure I have about 25 more just waiting for colour and creative urges!!!

I don’t really have anything else to tell you about today, except that this is a bird that I saw on my walk… P1080564