What Makes Your Garden Grow?

Someone remarkably wise and wonderful told me something the other day that I want to share. It is a wisdom passed on to her, to be passed on to others, so while I might be paraphrasing, I don’t believe I am plagiarizing.

Here it is. To have a garden we have to first deal with the shit. Literally. For a ripe garden to grow to fruition, we first have to mix in the manure. Have the crap dumped, and mix that stuff in with the soil. For a garden to grow, there needs to be a rich foundation of crap! And that stuff will be ripe in its own way. It will smell. Bad. It will be our shit, and we won’t like it. But. It is necessary. And, the smell will fade. The seeds will be planted, the sprouts will appear. (Sometimes squirrels might run off with our sprouts and seeds, but we can chase those creeps off! We can scatter the buggers!) At some point when we are starting to notice the strong plants reaching for the sunlight, we will also notice that we haven’t been noticing the smell, the shit! It will fade as the garden blossoms. And one day we will be surrounded with the fruits of the shit, and of our labour, and we will be ok.

The day she told me this, was the perfect day for me to hear this. When I got home from our meeting, I had to deal with some shit. Not actual, but shit that I was grateful I had a metaphor to symbolize with. Because as I was dealing with said shit, I could then tell myself over and over that this was just the shit before the sunshine fed sunflowers. I am still telling myself this, and it helps!

So remember, when there is shit, and oh there will be, it is just part of the juice that will bring about the garden of your dreams! And it will fade until all you have around you are the hard earned fruits of your labour.

And those, my dears, smell great.

Unless what you are growing is more manure…in which case I suppose you are doing fine as well. But I would rather think about sunflowers.


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