Day One. Survival Of Me Time

Day One…

How to Survive Your Child’s First Time And Night Away At Camp…


As the busses pull away, you head across the parking lot, misty eyed with the mass of other parents and givers of care finding themselves free for a while 5 days. Many are off to work. But you don’t have to do that until later in the afternoon…

So, what to do with this rare moment? SHOP! Or rather… head across the lot as the bus pulls away and immediately veer into the Sally Ann across the road. Hurray for conveniently placed 2nd hand stores!

Now, you know you aren’t really here to shop. Which is why you stay away from anything you really would enjoy owning or maybe even wearing. You are here to blow off some steam, and to hopefully find a pair of cheap but decent work pants. A 2nd set are handy let me tell you! But don’t let that shy you away from trying on every possible pair in the store, as well as a handful of other things you have no desire to own but that might just fit!

After a couple of hours, Oh yes I said A Couple Of Hours, your steam has probably been well released, and you can aim for home. For nice quiet strangely empty home sweet home.

Spend the rest of the day lazing and eating until the last possible moment when you have to get ready for work. It is good you have to work. Because home sweet home is feeling very empty and lonely, and some purpose will do you good!

But, when you are leaving work for the night, revel in the fact that you don’t have a curfew! In fact, go for it. Walk a few bus stops up, intent on taking in the evening air! Such a rarity. And a thrill that you in fact might just go for it and walk the whole way home! It isn’t dark yet, thank you summer lighting! And you can walk the bus route, so if you tire or feel creeped out, you can get on a bus. And if you are lucky you might even get a friendly wave from that adorable bus driver!

Did you make it home? Oh yes you did! And what are you doing now with your empty home and freedom? What any reasonable 38 year old woman might do. Have a bath! In fact find that bath bomb disc you bought thinking it was fruity smelling soap! The orange one! Oh look, it is orange but turns the water green! How fun is that?! And don’t forget about that candle you got in that christmas basket! I bet it is in the same basket as the bathbombdisc! Oh and remember it changes colour when it is lit! Fantastic!

This here is how you get through the first day of being alone with a week of you time ahead. You spend the time. Oh and some blueberry cheese cake icing with coconut and chocolate chunks on top helps too!


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