The Other Kind of Morning

Some days it is all Lovely Robins, and walks in the woods. And some days it is all You had better stay home from school this morning so we can watch that eye, and OHHHHHHEW! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOUR TOE?!  followed by at least 20 minutes of ‘torture’, or at least that is what the neighbours probably thought was happening while I cleaned an infected foot this morning.

I will save you further imagery than that, my dear friends. Needless to say we both want a do over on this morning.

Scones for breakfast anyone?



Knitted Hat Thing

When someone gives you dibs on all the wool in a bin, you can either say Yes Please to all of it, and leave behind your clothes so you can fit it in your suitcase… or you take a few offerings that speak to you and hope they still have the rest around, next time you are there. And then you stare at ideas on pinterest for about 3 weeks until you are confident that you can do something awesome with it. Yes?

I have a feel that ugly wool makes great hats. In other words, I love woolie hats made of ugly wool. What makes wool ugly you might wonder? Well the colour?! Like who thought snot green and pale pink would go well together? Someone with a woolie hat in mind, I imagine!

I’ve never made a woolie hat. I never really make anything with a shape to it. I am a tube and scarf knitter. Various shapes and sizes of rectangle if you please. But I feel like I Could make a hat if I really tried. So try is what I decided to do.

By try, I mean copy out a couple of different patterns that might work with the supplies I have. And that are not too complicated for me. I can pull of a knit stitch, a purl stitch, and combinations of those 2. I prefer patterns that do not involve too much counting or attention to rows. I am not lazy I just don’t prefer to pay attention. So it took some research but I found a pattern that would at least afford me the shape and size I wanted, without too much attention to detail. Thing is, I also get bored easily now, been knitting for over 2 decades, so a bit of advancement is a good thing, yes? So I get out the stitch guide and try a couple of different styles of knit/purl.

And after 3 restarts (not for any reason other than dissatisfaction really) I decided to commit to actually finishing the darn thing and getting it onto my head. You will see, I could have bound it off sooner, or not decreased it at the top, so it was more slouchy, and also that with some folding and weird wearing, it can be all manner of ugly wonderful!

Here is the result…


Between the Branches Too


When I was a kid, I could never see the things that other people could see. I couldn’t see the birds pointed out to me, ever. I would stare into the blurred masses of branches and dappled wood, and by the time I thought I spied something of fur or feather, it had most likely moved on. I would sometimes just say Yes Right There, I See It! knowing full well it was probably a mottled leaf and not a finch at all. And then I got me some glasses for my 13th birthday, and after that the world had edges! Trees had leaves with shapes! And I could see the birds! (Too bad someone didn’t mention to me that the glasses I picked out could compete with birds of warmer climates, but that is for the memory banks. Because thankfully that was long before digital camera archives and I don’t seem to be able to find a single hard copy of evidence to the fact! Just imagine massive purple and black tortoise shell frames…)

Now that I do have the gift of sight, it is all I can do Not to stare into the trees for little shapes all the time!


Maybe it was the practised focus of all those years of trying so hard, that has helped me to hone in on the flighty little buggers. And maybe why I end up with a folder full of not quite perfect photographs that become screen savers for my computer. Because I appreciate the fact that I did see that woodpecker and did manage to capture a hint of robin in the trees!


There is still something beautiful about being able so save that moment. Or maybe it is just proof that now I am not making it up! Is that maybe why it is sometimes so frustrating that they won’t just play along and stay still when I am trying to take their picture? Cause I’ve got them now! I can see them! So stay still just for a breath more so I can focus my darn automatic smarty pants camera on you and not the branches around! Because now that I have a love of my camera, it is not enough to spot the bird. Now I want to capture it on film, to give it stillness. To share it out.

I see you my pretty and your red coat of feathers too!

I suppose that is the gift of growing up. Appreciation for the things we have gained. And an ability to feel more comfortable talking to birds and snowy benches than other humans? No? Just me? Okay well that’s fine. It’ll be me and the birds then!

Amidst the branches there be treasures! Can you spot them?!


Between the Branches


Perfect day for a hike it might not have been. But considering how layers of effort and clothing it takes to just get out the door this week, I decided it was a good day for a walk anyway. Storm has settled, sky is bright. Layers already on and warm… Wasn’t really my plan until I got in from taking Boyo to school this morning. But there was a grocery list good to go, and a nice little bird friendly spot not far from the store, that I have been meaning to visit again, for like a few months now! And having already had one day off to lounge around and hermitize, and let’s face it, once I am in I won’t be eager to go back out until absolutely necessary, probably not a bad idea to get some fresh air and exercise even.

So with layers a plenty I took myself for a little walk. And there were birds, oh yes there were. But they too were taking cover from the wind, even if they were out seeking some sun and air like I was.

So what I got for photos was a lot of pics of shy birds, birds being cheeky and a couple of what I think are perfect shots. Share these with you now I will!

The Mister and Missus of Cardinal were working at avoiding the winds! But between the branches were some great sights to see!

Mister Robin was having none of the wind, getting all puffed up with his feathery winter coat. He followed me around for a while. And I am Pretty sure a guy walking his dog caught me talking to the birds, but whatever, me and Robin were doing fine.

The little Downy Woodpeckers were Everywhere! My fingers were starting to get pretty cold at that point, but he gifted me with a few really lovely shots before tapping off again.


Chickadee was having some lunch in the old winter empty wasp’s nest

I feel good. Like I needed that. Glad I went but happy to be home now for some tea and blue muffins. (That is another story but the short of it is that all I had for sugar around was some blue left from cake decorating, so the muffins this week have a fun tinge to them.)

Honestly I am glad to see snow. The farmers need it. The earth needs it. I think my heart needs it. And the boots I was all pumped to order last year are working out now the snows are here, so I don’t have much for excuse.


With winter here, it is easy to settle in, cosy down, hide, hermitize. Which is all good, when the winds are blowing at -18C. But I also know it isn’t good when I start to get stuck in a low mood. Getting out is good, necessary even. I just don’t intend to feel the actual air on my skin, if at all possible. So I aim to get hooded up and head into the woods, at least once a week. Will you keep me to it?







Woolie Weather

Since the mad splurge of Christmas Creating has settled down, and between bouts of ear infections, working and visiting family, I haven’t had much in the way of creative energy. Or time to sit still. Or be awake without working, or pain. But it is ok. Tis the season, ya?

So, in an effort not to become an uncreative sloth in my moments of sacred stillness, aka night time netflix hours, I started detangling some of the wool sent home with me during a family visit. And that did the trick. Once I got that wool in my fingers, I was transfixed. I could feel the healing powers of the fibres flowing through me. Or maybe that was just the actual feelings of relaxing. Anyway whatever it was, it was good for me.Meditative. Restful but also awakening. Thing is, I am still pretty worn out, not sure I have chased all the bugs out of our system. So what I am able to come up with right now is not exactly best kind. But I carry on. I Must! Try to tell me to put down the knitting needles, I dare you!

Which is really all just a mad rambling introductory excuse for the lame attempts at knitting up some little thingies that I will now show off.

Woolen rectangle;

First attempt at making a Coffee Sleeve. Actually was trying to learn how to knit in button holes but it was going horribly awry, so I just redid a few rows and used a much bigger knitting needle for 2 rows, 6 from the end. Which is probably on par with committing some sort of knitting sacrilege!              I think this is what is known as a swatch. I am usually a pretty tidy knitter, if I stick to my rows of knitting and purling with some intermingling and occasional checker board pattern.  So now what I have is a 2 toned knitted rectangle. Out of glossy wool, similar to cotton dish cloth wool, but… glossy…


Scrappy Woolie Coffee Sleeve;

I should immediately state that this here is meant to be a knitted Coffee Sleeve, which will have a button on one of the narrow ends. What it is Not meant to resemble is a washable pad. Going to have to get this one onto a mug quick!

and last but certainly not least;

Heart Shaped Thingie

I really just wanted to try to learn how to do this. I did not intend to make a heart that somewhat resembles a mishapen boobkite made of wool. What I was aiming for was a coaster. I guess I used a much too large knitting needle. What I have is something about the size of my grown up hand, too big for a mug (well not the mug I prefer in the mornings) and too small for a placemat. I don’t know. Again, it is glossy so not really going to work for a dish cloth. And now it is in existence, I can’t bring myself to undo the work. Maybe I will sew it onto a sweater, wear it proudly like a patch.

I will find a purpose for all of these little treasures. Oh yes I will. Perhaps for once I will just use them for what I wanted them for, and love them and keep them all for myself!

Mummy’s FunMonDay

Monday morning observations;

8 year olds are really cute when they are trying to walk to the bathroom while still half asleep. That will make this first day back at school and work after a week off all the sweeter.

The winter that forgot to arrive for Christmas is here now. Children will stop complaining about having to wear All the Layers once they are outside in the winter winds.

After a Christmas holiday spent curled up into various corners of cousins couches nursing various aches and sicks, hearing your child’s class mate proclaim that she has spots on her tongue, on first day back to school, is not very pleasing …

And now I get to go in to work to cover an early shift for someone, which is great because it means I will have distraction from lingering ear pain and will get home early for a change.

I am aiming to think positive today. My son thinks I should resolve to have more fun. So I am going to let out my laughter bubbles and get through this delightful Monday. With hopes that Little Miss Spotty Tongue keeps to herself today!

Cheerios and Funky Woollens