A Spoonful of Grape Sour

A FUN WAY TO MAKE PINK LEMONADE  is to toss that bag of grapes that you forgot about into the juicer before they all rot, and then add that and a couple of capfuls of lemon juice to a jug full of icy water, and stir.

You might want to add some sweetener too, because let me tell you, as much as you might enjoy the refreshing contrast of lemon and ice, your 8 year old might have something sour to say about it! And he won’t believe for one minute that it is pink because of some special lemons you had around. Or that you used grapejuice, because MUM EVERYONE KNOWS GRAPE JUICE IS PURPLE AND SWEET! 

I wish I could post a picture to go along with this tale, but unfortunately my camera is on the fritz and until I buy a battery charger, I’m sans visual. I mean that in more ways than one, since I was beginning to rely on the zoom lens to see things at a distance. I am already missing my snappy little friend, and as much as I enjoy the view of the world around me, I am honestly weighing the pros and cons of new eye glasses vs a new camera. 

Oh the woes! in the mean time, since no one else wants any, I’m going to fill my glass with pink lemonade again. MMMMMMM.





one of the main reasons that I love balcony season so much is I can sit out there at night without a bra on and not feel self conscious. 



Today was a Mother’s Day that reinforced the kind of hard workin woman I am now. From floods in the kitchen to a long ass day at work, to playing Mario Kart with the Elfkin and eatin chocolate bars at the end of it all. Honest truth,  it has been a long day! So, today I honour the Mama’s, the keepers of hearts, the feeders of children, the givers of care, the gaia goddesses who do what they gotta do til they drop! 

All in the name of LOVE!

Happy Mother’s Day to all !


Because I am working sunday like a good mother who gotta take care of her little family, we did a bit of Mother’s Day celebrating this afternoon. Mostly we just tossed some basket balls around and ate dinner that I made 😀

but it was all love.

And now I present to you, “a picture of you taking a picture“. which is the most adorable and lovely thing I have ever been given.


I love that he is like a happy orange frog , and that we are surrounded by critters he knows I love to try to catch on film. I also love that I look like I am wielding a chainsaw. Look out wildlife, one way or another Mama is comin!

And so I wish you all a marvellous weekend, and to all the Mamas out there and everyone who has a mother and everyone who loves someone who is a mother and everyone who does the work of a mother… Happy Mothers Day! Love yourself and love will come to you!

And if all else fails, be as badass and fierce as this MummaMallard!



good morning

sometimes i think it is because i have a boy child that i dont always understand the things he goes on and on about and then a little girl comes over and i realize it is because they are all aliens…

that or i am a grown ass woman who it turns out knows less about little pet shop thingies than i do super heros. and i stare at her wondering if i had a daughter, would i have to know about these things?  reaching back into my memory banks, i do see some barbie dolls but mostly i just stole my sisters baby dresses and made them into fabulous gowns.

all this time i thought i was just learning super lingo in order to be able to share in the conversations with the boy child, but i think i might actually like them more?

anyway i think there is enough coffee in the brewing pot for me to wake my brain enough to at least understand the words the aliens are speaking


blink blink