bake on!

Fall means baking season!

Now that the temps are tolerable again, and the apartment doesn’t feel like a sauna morning noon and night, I instantly want to amp up the oven and get back to baking! A muffin free summer, oh the deprivation!

Cool nights mean the apartment isn’t blazing hot all day long, and with school back I feel the urge to load up the snack bin with tasty home made treats again!

However, I have lately been changing my eating habits. Call it a gluten sensitivity, punishment by the goddess of domesticity for some reason or other, or just a desire not to experience cramping bloaty business everytime I eat a pb and j, never mind walking around looking about 6 months pregnant for 2 days if I dare to eat a piece of pizza… call it what you will, I have been trying not to eat flour based things anymore. Which does put a damper on the joys of baking for this muffin making obsessed mama!

But there are alternatives, right? Long live de pomme de terre!!! 

and perhaps a side of cornmeal!

Today I am going to learn about corn masa, a flour used for making tortillas etc.? I am going to try to fire off a batch of cranberry cornmeal somethings. A loaf maybe. And apparently I picked up a bag of masa flour, so I am going to attempt to sub that in for flour. I think it will be good, because this was a recipe using majority cornmeal anyway. I will keep you posted, and in the mean time enjoy these sights that I saw this morning when I went out for a walk, aka avoiding the housework.


also, since Mister Now 9 Year Old probably won’t want my cranberry corn things, I might still fire off a batch of ye old coconut chocolate chip muffins. Cause Mother of the Year awards don’t come around for nothing 😀 



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