Monday with Momma

Know what (single) Parenting is?

Spending Monday Morning, aka my first chance for Me Time in like 3 days, watching youtube videos on how to assemble your kids new scooter.

The plan Was to go walk down the street and get some pics of the fabulous sun flowers on that ladies lawn, and maybe check out a grocery store up the road for beet crackers. But no dice! So far all I have done is vacuumed the living room and tried to put together this super cool looking but at this point my current least favourite… thing. And now instead of watching a grown up tv show or anything like that, I am watching some guy who says Here way to often in one video, in hopes that he will end the mystery of why the headset won’t stay secure. A plus is that I now know what a head set is.

Happy Mothering šŸ˜€ Happy Monday

There are no visuals for you to go along with this rant, but there might be some later. Because soon I am going to put this back in its box and let it sit for another month against the living room wall. And go looking for those sunflowers šŸ˜€


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