Because I am working sunday like a good mother who gotta take care of her little family, we did a bit of Mother’s Day celebrating this afternoon. Mostly we just tossed some basket balls around and ate dinner that I made 😀

but it was all love.

And now I present to you, “a picture of you taking a picture“. which is the most adorable and lovely thing I have ever been given.


I love that he is like a happy orange frog , and that we are surrounded by critters he knows I love to try to catch on film. I also love that I look like I am wielding a chainsaw. Look out wildlife, one way or another Mama is comin!

And so I wish you all a marvellous weekend, and to all the Mamas out there and everyone who has a mother and everyone who loves someone who is a mother and everyone who does the work of a mother… Happy Mothers Day! Love yourself and love will come to you!

And if all else fails, be as badass and fierce as this MummaMallard!




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