good morning

sometimes i think it is because i have a boy child that i dont always understand the things he goes on and on about and then a little girl comes over and i realize it is because they are all aliens…

that or i am a grown ass woman who it turns out knows less about little pet shop thingies than i do super heros. and i stare at her wondering if i had a daughter, would i have to know about these things?  reaching back into my memory banks, i do see some barbie dolls but mostly i just stole my sisters baby dresses and made them into fabulous gowns.

all this time i thought i was just learning super lingo in order to be able to share in the conversations with the boy child, but i think i might actually like them more?

anyway i think there is enough coffee in the brewing pot for me to wake my brain enough to at least understand the words the aliens are speaking


blink blink


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