Whatever the spirit animal is for stalling, that is mine today. Probably an old cat who prefers her bed of old blankets to someone who should get ready for work.

Bus leaves hour, lots of time to shower get dressed run in circles remembering things maybe eat something and dash off to catch the bus right? 

All that fastness is so worth another 10 minutes of adding to my play list which I won’t have time to listen to, and definitely worth drinking this coffee while it is pretending it is still hot. Hang on, more coffee needed. Sure, That I will move for.

The kids went to school in pjs today and I am tempted to do the same. Don’t they know its pajama day? Maybe I can get sent home for wearing yoga pants instead of work clothes?!?! Probably not a good choice. FINE! Sigh…

In the mean time here are some fences and other things that I would rather be looking at.


Have a great Friday everyone!!!


4 thoughts on “FunForAFriday

  1. I’ve always thought that I was the queen bee of procrastination! Good to know I’m not alone! I’d rather stay under the covers than move and usually you can only rouse me with the smell of pre-brewed coffee. A coffee pot with a brew timer is a life saver in my house. Without it I would never be on time to anywhere in the morning ! Ha ha! Love the photos!

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    1. thats how i felt at work all day lol and now i finally have a weekend off! im afraid to jinx it but ive gone from The Weekend Girl to The EveryOther Weekend GIrl and im Pumped! Big plans include making pancakes and drinking bigger cups of coffee 😀

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