Every chance to get outside is now taken. Evidence to follow…


And for every second chasing a boy around the school yard, there are the bless-ed moments spent lost in the world of bird calls and trying to catch a flash of colour on film. Even if they won’t pose properly for me, I am always excited to catch some brightness!

I can’t believe the difference in these two “RedWing BlackBirds”! When I first saw the Mrs pictured above, I thought I was seeing a bird I hadn’t seen before. A few seconds of research online and I learned that this is actually the female counterpart to one of my favourite birds, the RedWing Black Bird (even if some of their stripes are more yellow!) I have decided I Love her! Look at the fancy stripes on her head! It just baffles me how different they are! I mean we all know that the males of the bird world are the dandies, but usually the females I have known are just a slightly less flashy/colourful pairing. This is freaking me out 😀 Oh the things I learn when walking in the woods!

Love is in the air and I am feeling it even if just for the witnessing 🙂 Happy SPRING!



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