Art, By Nature

My favourite kind of gallery, wide skies, open pathways, bird calls.

I love this kind of art, where I did nothing to set it up but played my part by having the eye to notice. The time and mood to wander the trodden pathway, to see and capture so I can share what others might have passed by. Or just to keep my soul fed, else I become something worse than I am…



Here though, we humans have played a part in creating these moments, but nature has taken the leading role, taken what is offered and done something marvellously artistic, just by functioning. If we have the eye to see, we can see this as beauty from disruption.

And then sometimes I am simply sceptical. Is it possible that nature dropped these pieces in perfect artistic formation, or did some human stopping for a moment, set these in place for another to see? Or, maybe there are fairies at play here. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe it is just a great image. I think maybe a bit of all of the above.


These forages for imagery and soul food sustain me for days. Knowing there could be something else just waiting for my eye makes me rue the fact that I have to leave for work in half an hour. But out there the fairies play whether I am here there or anywhere, and knowing that can feed me a while longer.

These places always beckon, but will wait for another day again to play.


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