Pants 0, Mum 0. Boy WIN

A fun way to explore whether or not much has changed in life over the winter is try on clothes that haven’t been worn in about 8 months…

According to the pile of capris, shorts and skirts piling up on my floor, a few things haven’t changed since last warm weather season. Apparently I hoard shopping lists, bus transfers and little notes… For instance, I still need apples, cereal bars, coffee creamer and ibuprofen ūüėÄ Same list different pocket…

Some things Have changed. It would seem that most of my capris are¬†about an inch and a half too wide. Thanks be to my working diet of carbs and coffee… So I guess I need to add summer wear to the list. OR to the pile of clothes to refurbish into other things. I am thinking of making a skirt out at least one pair. And maybe another little rug out of the rest. Some of it is in good enough shape to put in the donation bag, or at least the laundry room for someone to help themselves too. ¬†Most of the time lately I just wear work clothes, but that’s a whole nother rant (see whose great idea was it to have us wear white dress shirts in a kitchen?!)…

Another fun game is to see if your child is better at handling change this spring. One way to do that is to make him try on at least 3 pairs of pants. This is also a good chance to practice your negotiating skills. Apparently flood pants are acceptable, if you are an 8 year old who would rather wear pants 3 inches too short than try on the pair he picked out at the 2nd hand store recently. Never mind the sorrow that his favourite track pants will soon be too warm to go outside in!  I will let go the fact that he just put back on the shirt that he has been wearing day and night for 2.5 days now. Gotta let him win some of the battles, right?!

I guess we need to accept change. To celebrate it even! I mean it went from like -2 to + 20¬†in like a week. I wonder if there is any sunscreen left from last year. Good thing we went out and found some runners for you during the first fake spring! The fun always continues. Now¬†Shorts, buddy, why don’t you see if these shorts fit?!




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