Eat ‘Em Up, Mama!

I’ve been a bit jealous of all the chocolate around, chocolate not for me. So whilst out shopping for Other staples for our diet today; you know, milk, bread, bananas, coffee creamer… I watched for a decent post Easter Bunny sale, so I could nab myself something tasty, all in the name of not heading home to binge on the bucket of foil wrapped eggs with someone else’s name on it… 

… and what to my wandering sweet tooth did appear? …oh, just a box of caramel nut filled delectables on for a very low cost. So buy that box of sweet treats I did, and it wasn’t until I was home and already 2 pieces in to it but did I notice the expiration date… being that of Tomorrow!       Challenge Accepted…   

(normally the challenge would be to Not eat the entire box in 2 days, or… say, three quarters of it for lunch…)

I have to admit that I may have learned one of those binge on something to become sick of it lessons. My stomach Hates me right now! But mmmm that 3/4 of a box of chunky chocolate covered bits was so satisfying at the time!

I wonder what will become of the last handful of tasty hunks of deliciousness?! Will I succumb to the urge to devour them at the last minute, or will I remember how gross I feel right now? Probably both… probably both… 


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