the little things

Inspired by a Macro Monday prompt on flickr, Inheritance theme;


I think I have written about these before. These are 2 bird themed things I have around, that are very special to me. They are both connected to our mother, and I just love them, and that they are bird themed of course. Funny that. I wasn’t really bird crazy as a kid but birds were always with me.



For some reason when I was a teenager, I started buying Mum these bird knick knacks. Mother’s day, christmas, birthdays probably. I think there were about 5? They didn’t cost much, but I remember them sitting on a ledge above her bedroom door. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t choose to keep them all. I do regret that.


But I am glad that I did keep this one. I always loved robins. I am so glad I did, as it really is one of my most valued possessions!



The other one is even more important and valuable.



A ceramic coin bank that our mother’s uncle made when she was pregnant with me. He waited until I was born to add my name and birth date. This poor old owl has been left behind a couple of times, necessity demanded. Now I Do remember writing about this before!


Being reunited with this treasure always means the world to me.


If I can help it, we will never be separated again.




These two lovelies are a few of the handful of ornaments that I actually have around. They are not high in monetary value but they mean the world to me!




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