According to the internet, I am a great big uncaring jerk who is killing the planet because I didn’t turn my lights off and join in Earth Hour this evening. True story. But here is the thing. I’m with you. I love and adore you who were able to uphold this worthy act, and I wish I could have come to one of your candle light dinners. Cheers to you who are probably still snogging by candlelight while I bask in the gentle glow of the computer screen. And if you know me, you know that I do happen to care a whole lot! And that is why I have this nagging urge to defend myself! Ironically perhaps, I didn’t know it was happening tonight, because my only source of information about it was the book of face, and my computer was off all day. Get where I am going with this?  Or do I just sound like a tired grump?! Hey man, this rant is keeping me from my nightly round of meditative knitting!

Here is the thing. I was out all day. At work. So, yes, I admit, the lack of use of electricity was not exactly on purpose. But, no one was home, from morning to night. No one but the cat, and she was napping by the balcony door, in warm sun streams most of the day, and then napping in the dark waiting for us to get home. So by rights, I practised lights out for a good 11 hours today! and am about to turn them off for the night again shortly. The tv wasn’t even on today. And even right now, there are only 2 lamps and a computer on. So There? Self-justification says I did good too. And I am sorry for sounding like a mean old grumpy face! And I am going to remember this conversation, and start making the most of these longer day light hours. Think about excess and try to change our usage a little bit, okay? I think that sounds fair.

My thinking is this, it sometimes takes mass action for people to find the momentum to get involved in causes they care about. And that is what mass action is all about, right? So its all good. It works. What I wonder about, and what I hope for, is what people will do tomorrow. Will they continue with the act? Make it a movement? I guess my point is, if you care, do it.  Have at ‘er! I applaud your efforts! 

But, carry that forth. Let values guide your life. Give a shit and keep on giving! 




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