Are We Better Yet?


It is just about mid march and we still have a little cough once in a while, but that is more for effect than anything. I think we are in fact better now. Over the February Fevers, and now fighting the urge to shed our layers as the sun feels a tad warmer. I am not the only mother on her balcony at recess time watching the children all abandon their coats and hats on the ground that is still slightly frozen… only to hear later Oh Yes Mum, I totally wore all my outdoor clothes all day! I swear it! So it is time to load up the kids with vitamins and start shopping around for 1/2 decent pairs of 2nd hand runners now that winter boots are out season. BUT MUM, I don’t even play on the snow hills anymore!

Mean time I am mustering myself to do something more than nurse us back to health and go to work. Went for a walk yesterday morning, mostly because I needed to go to the store. Ended up wandering in the trees for nearly an hour trying to spy some of the birds that were chirpalirping all around me. There were 2 cardinals that I could distinctly hear laughing at me as they followed me through the trees!

With out snow there is little contrast to help me spot the birdies, and those that I do spot are playing coy. I will have to just enjoy the songs and feel blessed when I do spy a little guy among the bare branches!

This cute little downy woodpecker was making some sweet cooing noises, probably letting the others know they should hide awayΒ 

I think I might actually miss the snow a bit, maybe because without it the parking lot view just loots ugly. I can’t actually believe how fast it went by! But that could be because I spent most of the last month under the weather and influence of various sinus and cold remedies… But I am so looking forward to getting out for more fresh air. Now it is time to remind the boy child that brushing his teeth actually doesn’t mean refilling the toothpaste with water, and then we are heading out to karate. I think we might even walk home. I am going to take this moment to keep my chin up and remember, like a good woman inadvertently told me … I Got This !

Happy March and Spring! ! See you soon. Unless you are the 7 kinds of birds I could hear calling yesterday, in which case I will Not see you, but will certainly stare hard enough in the trying!


11 thoughts on “Are We Better Yet?

  1. I hope you feel 100% better soon! Being sick sucks! Love the cardinal photos! Hope you find the other darn tweeters!!! πŸ˜‰


      1. If by seeing spring you count an upcoming 10-12 or more inch snowstorm in the forecast for the week. Ahhh….good ole Wisconsin!

        Hope you’re feeling better!


      2. I survived. It was annoying but beautiful. Will be posting pics
        Friday! πŸ™‚ No green grass…more brown, but little to no snow left so….that’s a plus!


      1. If it makes you feel better it was near 60 today with a forecast of 30s and snow tomorrow. This after the ice rainstorm before easter….and the snowstorm last week. Wisconsin is drunk


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