For all that I try to do and present my best, there are moments when I fail miserably at parenting, and I need to acknowledge that, else you think I am sitting on some sort of high horse up here all lahdeedah look at me being a perfect mother.

Take tonight for instance. I worked a short evening shift, picked up the boy child by 830, we were home by 845. I sat him at the table to tell me about his life since I saw him last, a handful of hours ago, while I scraped myself together some semblance of dinner (on tonight’s menu; shreddies with banana…) While we chatted I opened up his homework and got him going on that. Seeing as it is now late saturday night, he had better do some of it now, else he will spend most of sunday evening doing it … And the minute the book was in front of him, the fuss began. You know the one, Mum, my stomach hurts, my hand is itchy, I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t sit still and do this right now I have a hundred complaints can’t I just do this tomorrow… Muuuuuuuuuuuum. And there is me, containing myself like a noisy kettle about to blow, until it is apparent that this is not going to abate without at least one threat of zero screen time tomorrow if you don’t get at least 1/3 of it done tonight… at which point the apparent emergency levels of the stomach ache rise to a new level of drama display and you say Fine, just go brush you teeth and you can do it tomorrow, but the PlayStation is not getting turned on. Screen Free Sunday…because if you don’t say that, you are going to say something else and it will probably be regrettable. , at which point he is already running to the bathroom to puke in the sink because it was not in fact a stalling tactic at all and he really did feel horrible.

And then you make up for all your ignorance and lack of total utter consistent awareness of his needs and woes and now he is asleep and you aren’t sure you want to finish your cereal, and you know he has 15 words to write out 5 times each still, which is going to make for a heck of a sunday, and you think it might be time for find a day job that maybe gives you more time at home with your son in the evenings, before grade 3 is over and he has no chance of succeeding because it is all on your shoulders waaaaaaa drama induced hysteria to follow… I wonder where he gets it from 😀


4 thoughts on “Smatterings

  1. I saw a quote somewhere that said something like “behind every happy and healthy child is a mother who thinks she is failing”. I can’t seem to remember the real words right now, but essentially makes me think that we moms will have moments where we feel like the worst mom ever (mine was earlier this week), but if your kids are happy and healthy then you are doing your job right.

    You aren’t the first one to not get the I’m ACTUALLY ill hints. It’s hard when kids use these similar hints as excuses quite frequently (my BeanBoy).

    So, I feel your pain!

    Hang in there and know that even in moments when you feel like you can’t do anything right….you are overreacting and you got this.


  2. Oh Mama! This might be The Perfect Moment to be reading your kind and honest words! The beginning of our spring break, and we are already arguing about whether or not getting up eating and dressed to go to karate class is something worth doing (i can tell you it is well paid for so im not relenting lol) and i am already ready for a nap 😀 Thank you! Your Humbly Human Friend


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