Ways and Days

February Fevers have given over to March Coughs. And I am giving over to the fact that we are just going to have to ride this chest cold/horrid cough/plague/virus/whatever it is out until Spring. Which I am pretty sure is around the corner. If it will ever stop snowing. Not that I mind much. I happen to love a good layering of snow. It really does make everything look prettier. But at this point I think we and the dry winter airs could do with the moisturising effects of a good month of rain and muck. And I need my mixing bowls back. Right now they rest bedside full of water and eucalyptus oils and such, attempts to help us actually make it through the night without coughing fits… Good times.

So I guess until spring, I am spending my free time feeding my tv binges. Good old Netflix and I are old friends at this point. Although now I am out of fresh seasons to watch, I am moving on to movies. I don’t watch a lot of movies. I can’t handle the emotional turmoil of it all. Seriously. It is like a symptom of anxiety, the roller coaster of a good movie. Right now I have a quite decent film paused with 19:08 minutes left on it. I’ve made lunch, done the dishes, washed my hair, and am contemplating cleaning the floors, all because I am too tense to ride it out. Or because I am a crazy old lady… more likely that.

Good chat. Later on…



2 thoughts on “Ways and Days

  1. Oh no! All the icky crap going around sucks. I’m lucky and despite being expose to it all every day…I’ve managed to avoid it so far! Thank god!


  2. Apparently my phone decided to post when I wasn’t ready! I hope you feel better and can kick the nasty ness in the butt soon!


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