Fine with February

The snow has settled a bit, and so has the Boy’s cough, so he went to school, and I went for  a walk to see how pretty the snow has made the world.

So glad I did that, after 2 days stuck indoors with a sick kid!

Something sacredly healing about wandering around on a snowy path, just me, the birds, and my thoughts. And the traffic a block away but I do manage to tune that out pretty well.

I want to tell you something about why it is such a big deal for me to get outdoors. Most people might think Big Deal Woman, so you went for a walk. Right you are! But, here it is. I grew up on rented farms and cabins in the woods. And I lived for a decade in Northwestern Ontario. Where winter lasted from early October into early May. 8 months. And on average, temperatures were -25 or colder. By February I was as eager to see the end of snow as anyone would be.I think I forgot just how beautiful it could be. Any time we left the house it was basically a nature hike. And that we did, but… now, now it means more to my very soul.

Now I live in an intercity area in southern Ontario. In an apartment building in an apartment block next door to 2 schools, with thousands of neighbours. I keep to myself, I mean I am friendly enough, we are making new friends, mostly families we see on a regular basis at community and child oriented functions. But if it weren’t for my quiet crafts and funny habits, I think I would be more at risk of losing my mind here than when I was half buried under the northern snows. So I do what I can. I seek out the pretty amidst the verbal noise that is the city.


Just a couple of blocks from my apartment block, is a trail that runs through most of the city.  It is a quiet beautiful peaceful haven, on cold winter mornings. Which is why I think it is so important for me to put on an extra layer and get out there, before hitting the low cost grocery store or laundry room or whatever task it is that awaits. In spring and summer, the path is vibrant with the buzzing of bike tires and children chattering. We are all out there celebrating the seasons like bees! But in winter, it seems it is just me, the birds and a few skiers or dog walkers. A friendly group of nature seekers…

Hide and Seek Cardinal

And so, when I tell you about my little walks, you might now have a sense that just around the corner from where I stand in the snow talking to birds, city life is happening. And I am blessed to be able to escape from it for a little while.

Now it is time to set that crazy kettle to boiling and warm up some!

Does Balcony Buddha look too cold or just maybe layered enough to stay warm? Either way he seems to be okay with keeping vigil even in all the snow!

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