I Dreamt of Snow and Woke to Rain

I Dreamt of Snow and Woke to Rain

My first thought Sunday Morning was to check and see how much snow had fallen. But when I looked out the window, what I saw was February Rain. That’s strange, could be sure I had seen snow falling when I went to bed. Then I realized that the snow had in fact been a figment of a dream. I dreamt of snow. And woke to rain.

But by the end of the day, the snow was falling. It didn’t stay long mind you, but by the time I left work on Sunday evening, there was snow on the ground.

A miss-taking, the branch is all fuzzy but the snow on ground shows well, like frosting, fresh and soft

Yesterday morning again I woke to rain. But again, I had dreamt of snow. Great big flakes of snow falling slowly. And I thought, okay lets wait and see. And last night, what fell upon my head as I took the garbage out at end of shift, but great big lazy snow flakes, that are making everything look pretty this morning.

Which probably proves that I am a witch. Or at least psychically in tune with the weather, old man winter and lady goddess of snow.

Or Not. Maybe I have just rediscovered a joy in winter. Maybe the decade in the far north made me forget what winter is like when not -30 on average! Maybe it turns out that I Love snow! And maybe because it is only 9 days into February, I don’t want to see it gone just yet! Call me a weirdo, or just a Canadian. Call me grateful for a mild, gentle winter. I know when it is summer, I will rejoice and not dare to dream of snow, but for now give it me over rain any morning!



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