I have been seeing things. In the world around me. Things I might not otherwise see, if I wasn’t looking. That could be some very simple words, or it could be the most profound thought I have ever had. Up to you, dear friends…

It is too cold to lay around on the ground staring at the clouds. Or maybe I just don’t have the right clothes on for that. Remember as a child, falling off the toboggan when it reaches the bottom, the end of its chaotic run, and you would lay on the snowy bed of ground, staring up at the sky and day dreaming? I think that was my favourite part of sledding. But now I don’t have that kind of stillness in me. And so I walk. And while I walk, I see things. Letters. Shapes. Little gnome homes, reflective bridges to no where…

Things that it takes a special eye to see. Crazy eye. Perhaps?

I have challenged myself to look for letters of the alphabet in the natural world around me. So far I have learned that only a couple of letters are most common. Or rather, I wonder if the harder I look, the more I will see? Is it just my crazy eyes, or is the universe trying to ask me a question, or suggest a question for me to ask?!

Do you see “Y”


Today is February 2nd. The groundhog told us it will soon be spring. As did all the birds, children forgetting to put on all their layers when they go outside at recess, along with the rain and the quick melting of the snow that I feel only just arrived.

Today I too saw a ground hog.  Doesn’t he look like he joined up with the ghostbusters?

If the groundhog appears in ice, what does That mean, I wonder?!

Whatever Mother Nature is trying to tell me, I am receptive and grateful for her gifts.




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