Knitted Hat Thing

When someone gives you dibs on all the wool in a bin, you can either say Yes Please to all of it, and leave behind your clothes so you can fit it in your suitcase… or you take a few offerings that speak to you and hope they still have the rest around, next time you are there. And then you stare at ideas on pinterest for about 3 weeks until you are confident that you can do something awesome with it. Yes?

I have a feel that ugly wool makes great hats. In other words, I love woolie hats made of ugly wool. What makes wool ugly you might wonder? Well the colour?! Like who thought snot green and pale pink would go well together? Someone with a woolie hat in mind, I imagine!

I’ve never made a woolie hat. I never really make anything with a shape to it. I am a tube and scarf knitter. Various shapes and sizes of rectangle if you please. But I feel like I Could make a hat if I really tried. So try is what I decided to do.

By try, I mean copy out a couple of different patterns that might work with the supplies I have. And that are not too complicated for me. I can pull of a knit stitch, a purl stitch, and combinations of those 2. I prefer patterns that do not involve too much counting or attention to rows. I am not lazy I just don’t prefer to pay attention. So it took some research but I found a pattern that would at least afford me the shape and size I wanted, without too much attention to detail. Thing is, I also get bored easily now, been knitting for over 2 decades, so a bit of advancement is a good thing, yes? So I get out the stitch guide and try a couple of different styles of knit/purl.

And after 3 restarts (not for any reason other than dissatisfaction really) I decided to commit to actually finishing the darn thing and getting it onto my head. You will see, I could have bound it off sooner, or not decreased it at the top, so it was more slouchy, and also that with some folding and weird wearing, it can be all manner of ugly wonderful!

Here is the result…



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