Between the Branches


Perfect day for a hike it might not have been. But considering how layers of effort and clothing it takes to just get out the door this week, I decided it was a good day for a walk anyway. Storm has settled, sky is bright. Layers already on and warm… Wasn’t really my plan until I got in from taking Boyo to school this morning. But there was a grocery list good to go, and a nice little bird friendly spot not far from the store, that I have been meaning to visit again, for like a few months now! And having already had one day off to lounge around and hermitize, and let’s face it, once I am in I won’t be eager to go back out until absolutely necessary, probably not a bad idea to get some fresh air and exercise even.

So with layers a plenty I took myself for a little walk. And there were birds, oh yes there were. But they too were taking cover from the wind, even if they were out seeking some sun and air like I was.

So what I got for photos was a lot of pics of shy birds, birds being cheeky and a couple of what I think are perfect shots. Share these with you now I will!

The Mister and Missus of Cardinal were working at avoiding the winds! But between the branches were some great sights to see!

Mister Robin was having none of the wind, getting all puffed up with his feathery winter coat. He followed me around for a while. And I am Pretty sure a guy walking his dog caught me talking to the birds, but whatever, me and Robin were doing fine.

The little Downy Woodpeckers were Everywhere! My fingers were starting to get pretty cold at that point, but he gifted me with a few really lovely shots before tapping off again.


Chickadee was having some lunch in the old winter empty wasp’s nest

I feel good. Like I needed that. Glad I went but happy to be home now for some tea and blue muffins. (That is another story but the short of it is that all I had for sugar around was some blue left from cake decorating, so the muffins this week have a fun tinge to them.)

Honestly I am glad to see snow. The farmers need it. The earth needs it. I think my heart needs it. And the boots I was all pumped to order last year are working out now the snows are here, so I don’t have much for excuse.


With winter here, it is easy to settle in, cosy down, hide, hermitize. Which is all good, when the winds are blowing at -18C. But I also know it isn’t good when I start to get stuck in a low mood. Getting out is good, necessary even. I just don’t intend to feel the actual air on my skin, if at all possible. So I aim to get hooded up and head into the woods, at least once a week. Will you keep me to it?








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