Woolie Weather

Since the mad splurge of Christmas Creating has settled down, and between bouts of ear infections, working and visiting family, I haven’t had much in the way of creative energy. Or time to sit still. Or be awake without working, or pain. But it is ok. Tis the season, ya?

So, in an effort not to become an uncreative sloth in my moments of sacred stillness, aka night time netflix hours, I started detangling some of the wool sent home with me during a family visit. And that did the trick. Once I got that wool in my fingers, I was transfixed. I could feel the healing powers of the fibres flowing through me. Or maybe that was just the actual feelings of relaxing. Anyway whatever it was, it was good for me.Meditative. Restful but also awakening. Thing is, I am still pretty worn out, not sure I have chased all the bugs out of our system. So what I am able to come up with right now is not exactly best kind. But I carry on. I Must! Try to tell me to put down the knitting needles, I dare you!

Which is really all just a mad rambling introductory excuse for the lame attempts at knitting up some little thingies that I will now show off.

Woolen rectangle;

First attempt at making a Coffee Sleeve. Actually was trying to learn how to knit in button holes but it was going horribly awry, so I just redid a few rows and used a much bigger knitting needle for 2 rows, 6 from the end. Which is probably on par with committing some sort of knitting sacrilege!              I think this is what is known as a swatch. I am usually a pretty tidy knitter, if I stick to my rows of knitting and purling with some intermingling and occasional checker board pattern.  So now what I have is a 2 toned knitted rectangle. Out of glossy wool, similar to cotton dish cloth wool, but… glossy…


Scrappy Woolie Coffee Sleeve;

I should immediately state that this here is meant to be a knitted Coffee Sleeve, which will have a button on one of the narrow ends. What it is Not meant to resemble is a washable pad. Going to have to get this one onto a mug quick!

and last but certainly not least;

Heart Shaped Thingie

I really just wanted to try to learn how to do this. I did not intend to make a heart that somewhat resembles a mishapen boobkite made of wool. What I was aiming for was a coaster. I guess I used a much too large knitting needle. What I have is something about the size of my grown up hand, too big for a mug (well not the mug I prefer in the mornings) and too small for a placemat. I don’t know. Again, it is glossy so not really going to work for a dish cloth. And now it is in existence, I can’t bring myself to undo the work. Maybe I will sew it onto a sweater, wear it proudly like a patch.

I will find a purpose for all of these little treasures. Oh yes I will. Perhaps for once I will just use them for what I wanted them for, and love them and keep them all for myself!


3 thoughts on “Woolie Weather

  1. Ohhh dear me!!! My laughter is uncontrollable!! Your project names are great! Boobiekite! He he. Yes I’m giggling like a teenager. No…. I’m NOT laughing at your knitting because…. It’s better than I’d ever do! I could make….. A string. 😉 Practice makes perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you for your appreciation 😉
      im onto boot cuffs now. or as i am currently calling them, useless nearly rectangles that never seem to end up the same shape or size no matter how many times i check the pattern. nothing will beat the boobiekite though! which still sits on my desk wondering what i am going to do with it. now that it has been such named, i am thinking i should probably just stitch it onto the front of a sweater and start a new trend 😀

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