Mummy’s FunMonDay

Monday morning observations;

8 year olds are really cute when they are trying to walk to the bathroom while still half asleep. That will make this first day back at school and work after a week off all the sweeter.

The winter that forgot to arrive for Christmas is here now. Children will stop complaining about having to wear All the Layers once they are outside in the winter winds.

After a Christmas holiday spent curled up into various corners of cousins couches nursing various aches and sicks, hearing your child’s class mate proclaim that she has spots on her tongue, on first day back to school, is not very pleasing …

And now I get to go in to work to cover an early shift for someone, which is great because it means I will have distraction from lingering ear pain and will get home early for a change.

I am aiming to think positive today. My son thinks I should resolve to have more fun. So I am going to let out my laughter bubbles and get through this delightful Monday. With hopes that Little Miss Spotty Tongue keeps to herself today!

Cheerios and Funky Woollens



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