I have not been one to make resolutions. Probably because the word resolve sounds so concrete and final to me. And I am not one known to be decisive. So the habit of putting purpose to paper and committing to it, or attempting to, is not something I do often. Sure I love a good list but it is all simple, easy to accomplish things. Like doing laundry and returning books to library… But, I do love a reason to be introspective, to take scope, to think about my life. In part because thinking allows me to not yet do the things that need doing. I am a slow mover. I like to visualize, plan ahead, obsess over lists. Or I like to just jump in and get on with it. Depends. Again, not very one track of me!

But this year I have been drawn into the mob. I can’t help myself. I wake up thinking I can do better. I can be better. Maybe it is because I am feeling the draw of the Better My Life bandwagon that rolls around at the beginning of a new year! And now is the time to join the mass energies of change. So this year, instead of just letting myself off the hook with my usual rant about how I don’t bother to make resolutions because if I was going to do it I already would have or don’t need the pressure of a vow to make it happen…I’m going to try something different. (Perhaps an unspoken resolution at work here?!)

So I find wording that suits me. Which is all it is really, isn’t it? Wording. But the power or words is what can draw us in or chase us away. Which is why this year I am Aiming. Because Aim has a nice soft sound to it. Because to Aim, we already have our sights on something, and are already awake with intent, to focus, to reach that something. I like it. Not enough to get a tattoo of it in cool fonts, but enough to let it sit in the fore of my mind for  a while as my guiding word. Maybe to doodle it out in a pretty pen and stick it to my mirror.


Aim to be healthy. Aim to heal. Aim to let the shit go and move forward. Aim to get a pair of skates on your feet for the first time in 20 years! Aim to get your drivers license already! Aim to face some fears, or try some new things! Aim to rearrange your bedroom so it isn’t just the place where things get stashed! Aim to do more fun things for yourself. Aim to join a photography group. Aim to go dancing, or join a dance class, or find someone to dance with on occasion! Aim to work on your family connections. Aim to finish the pile of quilts in your closet so you can start new ones! Aim to be more patient and focused at home! Aim to find a job that offers the perfect hours for your family needs right now! Aim for a better home! Aim. And then don’t forget to step.

See?! I have quite a list when I word it the right way! So positive of me! Now, what can I look forward to today?      (Mostly unpacking from our trip and laundry but that is okay, it is all in the name of betterment.)

2015 was not a bad year for us, for all the struggles and hurts. There was also love and fun. But I can honestly say Happy New Year and Welcome to 2016! May there be much to look forward to!


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