Make it Gifty

He is probably too old for stuffies, being all big and 8 years old by now. But since he is my son, there will never be an age limit to me making him fun crafty gifts. Gotta balance out all the spending and screen addiction support… Besides, these are the things that will last, in our memories if not our toy boxes. And while I have a few ideas for gift making for family members, I am not yet in the mood. Who can resist a baggie of felt scraps?

So This is happening …


Chewie waiting to be stuffed and stitched

And this already happened …


they are finger puppets, but right now are also Tree Jawas.

As long as I am his mother, he can expect me to make him funny crafty things. And as long as he is my son, I can expect him to look forward to them. Even if I have to sneak into his future homes and hang them on his trees! For now the fun is going to be to see how long it takes for him to notice the Tree Jawa invasion!



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