Xmas PlayGameBoxStation A Go

Wild Eyed I Dash…

… through the mall, on child tax day, to buy my son the game system that is the only thing he wants under the tree this year, fully aware that since he no longer believes in santa, all the pressure not to fail him is on my shoulders and in my heart!

Don’t over think, don’t make eye contact, don’t get sucked in. Just get what you are there to get, and get out! Don’t worry if you don’t remember why who said what about what system you need. Just go buy what you have written on the list.

Wild Eyed I Dash..

… through the mall, trying to remember which store my exit was near, and where the nearest art supply store is! I miss the days when any old plastic crap will do. Or do I?

Wild Eyed I Dash…

… to the bus… home.

To stash that box of potential happiness and more likely frustration, in a secret place until I have the energy to try it out and make sure it’s refurbished but shiny self works (always say yes to warranty…)

Wild Eyed I Look…

.. in the mirror wondering if I should have a nap before work, or just curl up with the last of the ice cream and watch something delightfully distracting on tv, while the tv is still mine…

Slowly my eyes will settle…

…and my mind will find something else to race over. Like what level of age appropriateness and control do I want to put on the games that my family members decide to flood our home with?! Are wrestling games acceptable if boxing isn’t? And are guns okay if they are in lego game form? What about cars that smash into things to bits and gore is everywhere?! And what system for use of screen time are we going to have to implement to make sure that we are not both looking Wild Eyed?!

Maybe I can ask santa for some really good headphones and a new ipod!


One thought on “Xmas PlayGameBoxStation A Go

  1. I vote on icecream and tv.

    As I keep saying….Tis the season to be crazy! Or at least feel that way! You go mom!

    (I always say yes to warranty too. BeanBoy saved up almost all the funds for his own Nintendo DS like big bro did so we covered the remaining $30 he needed to buy it on sale Black Friday. And the extra $15 for the warranty.)


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