Crush It

Excerpt from conversation with 8 year old son tonight.


First, let me set the scene. We just got home. It is nearly 9 o’clock at night. Somehow, instead of getting him into pajamas and bed, we are in the kitchen. He is at the table drawing a little stick figure comic story. I am making beet carrot juice. I just got off work. I’m combating head rushes and iron deficiency… I think.

We are talking about crushes. I have just admitted that yes, I did have crushes on people before I was a mother, and I might like to have a crush on someone again.

and then the darling boy said;

“Mum, if you ever decide to have a crush on someone again, I’d like it to be a boy not a girl, cause I already have you and 2 women would be too much to keep up with”

Those were his exact words. He looked up from his pencil and paper and said what I think is a most marvellous thing, maybe the coolest, cutest, most open minded thing I have heard an 8 year old say!….also making this the quote of the month. Or perhaps the year, seeing it is December, He doesn’t even know how marvellous it is!

I did tell him that I am proud of him for being so open and understanding, but he just stared at me, starting to realize the gravity of a mother capable of crushes, I think…

Also, I didn’t make any promises. But I did assure him that who ever I might have a crush on in the future, I wouldn’t likely be able to choose, as matters of the heart are just a sort of natural occurrence. But that who ever the person is, they will be a good person for both of us. And then I drank me some beet juice and decided that it was high time he was off to the wonderful world of bed.


5 thoughts on “Crush It

      1. Would make for great wedding speech humiliation someday. I know it’s not normal for the mother of the groom to make a speech, but I sooooo will! A good embarrassing speech.

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    1. I miss my comments sometimes! sorry!
      i think i will have a Lot of fun sharing stories and pics of him with future brides to be.I think the true gem is the picture of him looking in the fridge with nothing on but socks on!

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