Wash Not Wear Not

This morning the boy actually said to me .. “mUm, have you Seen my pants drawer?!” Meaning it might be time for me to fit in a few loads of laundry. Because goodness forbid The Boy wear anything other than track pants with patched knees (his favourite) to school! Today he went in a pair of grey pants, With Pockets! Gasp!

I am on this strange work schedule where I just worked 4, now I am off every other day until the weekend. So things are haywire around here. We are in “do the basics to avoid desperation” mode. Eating and dressing and hugging, getting by.

In the mean time, I suppose it is time to get outdoors, some fresh air and change for laundry machines. Planning to decorate the Christmas Tree tonight instead of doing things that might actually need doing. Why not!

Now, what fabulous get up can I dig out to wear to the store, I wonder?!


5 thoughts on “Wash Not Wear Not

  1. I hate laundry and usually….it sits till I have to do like 10 loads in a row. Spread them out over the course of the week to make it more manageable?? What?? Too easy….

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      1. The carrying it down, putting it in the wash, putting it in the dryer, carrying it back up stairs, folding it, and putting it away. Soooo tedious. It’s as bad as drying and putting away the dishes!!!!

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