Shaken Stems

When too many pieces in the jenga tower that is my life get shifted, I tend to sometimes crash like a building demolition site. When that happens, it is usually too late to notice that what I need is a good break. Or nap. Or a couple of days off from all things. But life must go on. I paraphrase a deeply wise saying, that if we fall, we must not stay down. We must get back up and find our way around the rubble, start rebuilding the lego person tower that is living life. Else someone else come and use our pieces. Or tell us how to place our bricks.

I think simplicity might be the answer. Clarity. Organization of life and emotions. Focus on fewer things. Singular tasking in stead of multi -tasking. Napping instead of doing the dishes.

So if people take a breather, we could do to understand and support. Not incessantly nudge them else they forget we are waiting for their move in scrabble. Ok well I will always nudge, but I understand if forthcoming is not what people can always be.

Me, today I will be under blankets with a wool sock monkey hat on my head, re-energizing and drawing the pieces back in before another go round in the fray.


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