Slightly Better Than Ordinary Thursday

It is just a typical Thursday. I think…

Slept in a whole half hour this morning, on this self proclaimed Home Day. I am working through the weekend and into next week, so I decided that The Boy could stay home with me today. Call me crazy, but a day cooped up at home together, doing Our Thing, watching the slush fall on the world outside sounds like a good Thursday to me. We might even pull all the couch cushions onto the living room floor and watch bad Christmas Movies all day! The Vice Principal can arrest me if she wants to, I want a day at home with my son. Call me Crazy! Please, do it, or at least wait until the day is half over and I am wide eyed and frantically in need of a nap. Then call me Crazy.

In the mean time… I woke up into this slightly different but still typical Thursday morning thinking … mmm wow what Is this strange rested feeling? Oh! slept through the night! Hurray!! Actually I wasn’t nearly so chipper but lets go with that.  After mentally rejoicing over the fact that I got about 8 hours sleep, I checked my texts,  and learned that I had been chosen by some firm in London England to win 100,000 dollars! Or would that be pounds? Who cares, too early to claim winnings. Must coffee first.

Stretched, looked outside, yep, slush falling from the skies. Time to see if The Boy is awake, or rather zombiefied onto the screen of his tablet yet. Open door to be greeted by far more aware than zombiefied Boy, doing a somewhat frantic dance outside the bathroom door… which appears to be locked… How is this possible? Did the cat somehow get in there and learn how to fidget with the finicky lock that I myself can’t get to work most of the time, the only times being when I want to shower uninterrupted? Why is the door locked? I don’t know Mum but I need to peeeeeeeee, and then is followed by pretty accurate instructions from him to me on how to unlock it with a spoon. So the question might be why didn’t the little darling just unlock it himself in the first place, when he first felt the need? Because apparently he was afraid to, not knowing who or what had locked it in the first place. Understandable. So.

That near crisis averted, it was time to decide on breakfast. Did I mention our kitchen still looks like we just moved in, due to requirement to clear out all cupboards and shelves for building wide bug spraying? Boy suggested a breakfast date at Timmys, but I don’t think that it would be a good idea to be eating breakfast in our pyjamas while all his teachers get their coffee! Don’t need that VP arresting me for truancy encouragement on site! Cereal it is! (I might also mention that the guy who came in to do the spraying yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, and super flirty, but a foot and a half shorter than me. Am I some sort of over extended freak that just never knew it because she lived up north with all the other over extended freaks?! I used to say I’m Only 5 foot 10 but apparently that is like some sort of heathen giant affliction around here.?! It is ok though, because soon it will be Christmas Package delivery time and I can hold out for moments with cute mail man who I see avoiding me by only ever bringing packages to the girl 3 floors down…)

Where was I? Doesn’t matter. What is great about this slightly more than ordinary Thursday morning, is that I have been able to sit and write this entire babbling rant Uninterrupted! Which is a divine miracle when The Boy is at home. I suppose it is a nod to my parenting skills or ability to mask my personality, that he isn’t hesitant to show me something on his ipad or tell me something that MUST be TOLD NOW every 45 seconds. It is good he isn’t afraid to interrupt me when I am clattering away on a keyboard, right? But I am glad of these few moments to babble away. The reason for this momentary freedom being that we have a rule that “weapon and fight games” are only allowed in his bedroom, so right now he is elbows deep in what sounds like either Jedi Training sessions or goat farming. Either way he is happily occupied and I might even have time to check the spelling on this if not edit it! My mother said never read something you are writing until it is finished, else you censor yourself! I like to take that above and beyond and save backspacing and deleting for extreme measures only.

He just came and gave me a High 5, just because, so I think time is up. Hope everyone has a splendid slightly better than ordinary Thursday! Now to go investigate my winnings and then get all ocd on my kitchen before watching Jingle All The Way or something just as horridly wonderful!


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