Letter to My Son

Letter to my son

Dear Darling Dear,

Thank you for eating your oatmeal this morning, even though I know you hate it because normally you let me know with fantastic grimaces every time you swallow the horrid stuff. Thank you for just somehow appreciating that this was the best I could do this morning. And frankly a day on the oatmeal once in a while Is the best I can do for you! 

Thank you for brushing your teeth without climbing the side of the bathtub at the same time today! You know how much your acrobatic multitasking stresses Mummy out.

Thank you for wearing the pants with patched knees and getting excited about it! There must be something genetic about enjoying ‘individualized’ clothing! 

Thank you for borrowing my gloves this morning because you can’t find yours, even though I just bought you 4 pairs last week, again. I love how cute your little hands look in my long finger gloves. 

But most of all, thank you for offering me a hug when I was losing my shit because I was convinced I saw a lice egg in my hair, when it was probably just some oatmeal. 

I know that Mum is busy working so much right now. But just think, with every minute I am at work and you are some place else, that is one more dollar going towards the super expensive christmas presents that you want this year, now you are a big boy. Just chant to yourself XBOX XBOX XBOX if you miss me. I will be doing the same thing.

Thank you for being the thing that keeps me crazy in this sane world, because without our zany brand of coping skills, I don’t think I would like myself very much right now. I think one day we will both look back on this time and remember the marshmallows as much as the bran!

Thank you for being you, you wonderful funny bright Elfboy! 

Love your ever lovin Mum



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