Things to tell him later, before I read him my thank you letter maybe…
“after pulling the bedding, coats and hats from the dryer this morning when I freaked out thinking we probably have another round of head lice to deal with… I got a chance to read the notice from the landlords that they are spraying the building for bug control and I have “24 hours” to empty the kitchen and bathroom, although that is more like 3 hours before I go to work, because we are actually going to bed tonight, so 24 hours is not exactly accurate…
The funny part is that I somehow managed to get most of the cupboards cleared out already this morning and thought since my head is now aching I might take a coffee break. And then I realized I had not only barricaded my coffee in the microwave, but bagged up all the food, so I am not sure what I am going to have for lunch, since I binged on left overs last night after you went to bed…
At this point I am dashing in circles whilst giggling madly, which is all part of surviving this madness I guess…
On a plus note, once I have finally gotten all this put away again 48 hours after treatment, with cupboard linings… I will have a super well organized kitchen which will inspire me to do the living room and get the Christmas decorations up. Like a sort of consolation prize… And I will have lots of time to do all of that because I am off work for a couple of days midweek in order to help you recover from another tooth extraction!
I guess when it pours it rains!!”

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