Snow, It Falls

“Look out the window honey, I think I see a couple of snow flakes!” …


Became, “lets go for a walk, see if we can catch a couple of snow flakes on our mitts”,

to “Holy Man has anyone looked outside lately?!”

So that is happening outside right now. Inside, is a mess of half unwrapped christmas season decorations. Tis the season! What happened was, after the walk this morning, I wanted to find this one candle holder I have, shape of a tree. Promised the boy that I wasn’t going to go on a decorating spree just yet… let’s wait for December. Only, December is just around the corner. So, while I am not getting out the Jolly Old Santa decorations yet, and haven’t decided where to put the tree, I do think it might be nice to have some festive candles and little snowmen about. Or at least the dollar store santa themed colouring books out. Because apparently I thought those worth keeping last year.

So fill the yuletide mugs with hot milk and molasses and get out ye old crayons! It’s cozy time.


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