Toothepaste Blue

Oh, I’ll tell the same joke twice. Even thrice! 6 Times? How Nice!

“Cleaned the bathroom today. I knew my son needed a shiny pallet for his toothpaste artistry”

“Support your budding artist, clean your bathroom today!”

“What better way to spend your day off than by preparing a new canvas for your son? aka cleaning the bathroom counters…”

“Cleaning the bathroom is also known as Supporting the Creative Arts, when mothering an 8 year old boy armed with multiple colours of toothpaste; positive spin on never ending chores of motherhood.”

“In our bathroom, pee yellow is on the colour wheel, and the floor…”

“Hey mUm, the bathroom looks so nice and clean. Let me help decorate it with this toothpaste and pee!”


Funny cause true …


But it is all love. and toothpaste… and why I loath chores, but must always always do them…




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