Good Sunday Morning to You All

Pre-Coffee Thoughts. Waiting for coffee to be ready…

The child seems to have gotten over his “nerves of being in any room other than the room mum is in”. It appears he had a nice swim in the hallowe’en treat bucket this morning. I don’t think I will even mention it, since I have been hoping he would get over this fear of leaving his bedroom until I am awake that he has going on. So, if it is chocolate before breakfast that is getting him over his little case of nerves, I guess that is ok. In fact, I think I will set up the coffee for the morning and ask him to turn it on in the morning for me, while he is at it.

Mean time, I think I will snag a cup before the brew is finished. Big plans for our Sunday, the first being to remind my brain that if it is over tired this morning, it is because it refused to ground itself in my body last night. Sure, Now we want sleep. HA! Ha I Say!

I promised Him that if he finishes his homework without fuss this morning, that we will take the pumpkin outside and give it a couple of good kicks before throwing its rotten remains into the trash bin. Then we can throw leaves at each other, since we will both need bathing at some point today, me before I work this afternoon anyway.

Big plans for this Sunday. And apparently, strange memories in the making. Stay tuned for visuals…I’m off to dip into the coffee and make pancakes.


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